NES turns 30 today.

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So apparently today the Nintendo Entertainment system turns 30 years old. Man how time has passed. Happy birthday NES!

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Mike Ditka and F.E.A.R. had birthdays/anniversaries, too. What a day.

Stopped by my parent's a while back and they had an old NES sitting there. I was supposed to go out that Saturday, but decided to hook it up for a bit. About 4 hours later, I played some Mega Man 2, Mario 2, RBI Baseball, Punch-Out, Contra, and more. I ended up not going out and not regretting it at all.

All still fun, all classics!

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I owned two games for the NES: Super Mario Bros. and Startropics (still know the music by heart). I've played dozens and dozens of games on that system, but they were always rentals - that's pretty much how the world worked in my neck of the woods when I was a kid.

I remember selling a bunch of toys at the flea market one year and getting about $108 - an immense amount for a child. I spent it all on rentals over the summer, and could not believe that the money had run out by September. The first of many lessons in finance.

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Still my favorite system. timeless and still fun.

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The NES started it all for me, and the games are still great. Just this summer, I found a picture of me at what must be Christmas morning, 1990. I'm holding Mega Man 3 over my head in triumph.

I still play that game at least once a year.

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It was what I started on as well but the SNES was what is most memorable.

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Never had any consoles as a kid, but I did play some NES games at a neighbors house back then, and later revisited that system on my PC in the late 90's, and found out that it had a pretty rad library. I hope that Nintendo will celebrate the occasion with a Virtual Console sale or something.

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@fisk0: That would be nice. A big sale, or maybe put out some more games into the VC.

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