Nintendo Power Retrospective - Part 10

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This week I continue with the Nintendo Power Retrospectives with part 10, covering issue #4 of Nintendo Power - including looks at Zelda II: the Adventure of Link, and a while bunch of NES Football games. Oh, and Metal Gear?!

Links Referenced

The Angry Video Game Nerd's review of Friday the 13th.

The Angry Video Game Nerd's review of Doctor Jekyll & Mister Hyde.

Opening Music: 'Jazz Plumber Trio' - Remixed by DJPretzel.

Closing Music: 'Snake Infiltrates' - Remixed by Beckett007.

Other Notes

In Skate or Die, there really isn't a reason to change the controls from the downhill race to the ones used in the downhill jam nearly as much as they did. All they really needed to get rid of was the "attack the other racer" command and use those inputs for something else. If that game hadn't had that little bit of control confusion, it probably would have been my multiplayer pick.

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