Nintendo's New Console Will Drive Your Kids Into Therapy ('90s NES video)

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Amusing video of a news feature from the early 90's - not a current story about the wait for Nintendo NX driving Nintendo fans nuts...

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Amusing indeed~

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(Video embedded for the lazy as it's definitely worth watching)

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HAHA oh man, that's a lot to unpack for a 2 minute video.

"I'm going to say no and explain to him how people market things to make you spend more money"

Did she truly believe the release of the SNES was just a marketing tactic and not a genuine new piece of hardware or did she just not want to spend $200 dollars? lol

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I love her delivery of that line...It was a different world back then, we saw very few common products where the audience expected new iterations periodically.

This whole argument will be rehashed once NX releases, only this time it will be like, "you mean it's chained to your arm?!", if it does indeed end up being flexible and wearable on your wrists, as rumours suggest. Parent groups will also complain if that means it can be concealed under your shirt, adding to concerns about gaming addiction among younger users. And if the camera does end up being separate from the main body, that will throw up even more criticisms concerning concealment and privacy.

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God, I love 90s news pieces on video games. They were painful back then, but they've crossed into high comedy with time.

Not that much has changed, of course... local news anchors still seem to think that banter along the lines of "Yeah, I played Mario as a kid" is the funniest thing imaginable. I'm just glad that most of them have given up on "Are The Pac-Mans Teaching Your Kids To Kill?" stories.

Funny that the Wii U rekindled that NES/SNES confusion for a bit, too. From our gamer bubble, it's easy to forget how baffling some of this stuff can admittedly be for non-enthusiasts. Even simply looking at a modern controller for the first time must be daunting, let alone working out why and how you would choose from a line of confusingly named consoles. "But I *have* an Xbox 1! Why do I need an Xbox One? And what does a Wii U do for my Wii?"

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