So turns out Jeff was right

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Not sure if you guys remember when @jeff & @danryckert where showing off the Nintendo Classic, Jeff kept saying something was off about the sound. Well turns out he was right, which is pretty amazing that he could actually remember how those old games sounded like. DigitalFoundry just did a review of it and in that video they touch on this particular issue.

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#2 Posted by Dray2k (884 posts) -

Ok, that is seriously nice to know.

Always bet on Jeff.

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#3 Posted by Naoiko (1677 posts) -

Jeff's still got it! =)

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#4 Posted by myketuna (1961 posts) -

When it comes to little things like that, Jeff is #blessed.

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@naoiko said:

Jeff's still got it! =)

That´s for sure, was pretty impressed that he could actually tell.

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Jeff definitely has a lot of knowledge about games and is excellent at being able to pick up small differences very well. That being said, I wouldn't assume that he remembered how those old games sounded from the old days. After all he is constantly holding and/or playing retro stuff so for all we know he was playing a real NES just a few hours before he messed around with the Mini.

Sometimes I think that Jeff doesn't experience time like the rest of us, that's how he is always just a few days away from holding any given video game item, no matter how old or obscure.

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#7 Posted by BelowStupid (496 posts) -

He's notice off sounds in games since I've started following him since '04. He's a machine.

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#8 Posted by WheresDerrick (326 posts) -

They sounded off to me too, although I don't remember if I noticed before or after Jeff mentioned it in the quicklook.

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#9 Posted by Slag (8159 posts) -

Musician + Expert game critic= opinion I most trust in the industry on sound.

great catch by jeff

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#10 Posted by MeierTheRed (5975 posts) -

They sounded off to me too, although I don't remember if I noticed before or after Jeff mentioned it in the quicklook.

I know i didn't before Jeff mentioned it a few times.

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#11 Posted by supermonkey122 (1232 posts) -

That's nuts lol

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#12 Posted by Brendan (9218 posts) -

The man knows his stuff

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#13 Posted by TheManWithNoPlan (7838 posts) -

Props to ya Jeff.

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#14 Posted by Onemanarmyy (4501 posts) -

Sounds tend to stick with you. I bet that there are many people among us that would instantly realize when the metal gear solid ! noise is slightly off.

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#15 Posted by Lv4Monk (497 posts) -

@onemanarmyy: It's like that Sonic the Hedgehog ring sound showing up in those registers a while back. Such a simple noise being so burned into our brains.

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@lv4monk: The European version of the old Sonic (Master System) games, plays at a different speed, so all the sound is slightly different..

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#17 Posted by forteexe21 (2034 posts) -

That's because Jeff held a copy of Kirby not more than 2 days ago....

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#18 Posted by Trilogy (3208 posts) -

And yet he can't tell the difference in feel between Mario Maker and original SMB.

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#19 Posted by ripelivejam (13226 posts) -

@forteexe21: he was holding another thing a week and a half ago. guy's slipping!

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#20 Posted by citizencoffeecake (1548 posts) -

When you hold copies of those games so frequently it's hard not to notice. Seriously though, Jeff has noticed sound inconsistencies in several quick looks throughout the years. Guess he just has an ear for that stuff.

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#21 Posted by AdequatelyPrepared (2522 posts) -

I really appreciate DF for doing what they're doing. I know that's not completely related to this video, but I figured I'd just throw that out there.

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#22 Posted by Damodar (2185 posts) -

@adequatelyprepared: Absolutely. When it comes to scrutiny of video games via proper scientific method, Digital Foundry is second only to Ranking Of Fighters.

Clearly, Nintendo allowed for a bit of wiggle room in emulation precision while they prioritised what really mattered: accurate recreation of useless Famicom/Super Famicom controller cable length.

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#23 Posted by BonOrbitz (2617 posts) -

Just like how Jeff was right a few years ago when he predicted that Nintendo's next system would be a combination of a console and a portable system.

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