The name of this platform should be changed...

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Not because I'm a picky bastard but more because the search system can't find NES when you wanna add a link to this page. I believe the Nintendo Entertainment System is much more precise both for search purposes and because NES is an alias and not the name of the console itself. :)

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Yeah, but everyone say NES. Who says "Nintendo entertainment system"? Just add Nintendo Entertainment System as an alias and things should work fine.

EDIT: Wow, the search system reall does fail with NES. Odd.

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Yeah I wish franchises, companies and platforms had aliases but they don't. Would make things a lot easier. I guess it might be a good suggestions if it's not already done.

Games have them but I think they're more Acronyms than Aliases as in GTAIV for Grand Theft Auto IV or BG&E for Beyond Good & Evil (and so on).

Anyway I don't wanna launch a huge debate about terminology here. :)

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I'm just stoked that there is a NES section. Makes me giggle like a schoolgirl opening a Barbie doll on Christmas morning.

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You should just put "Nintendo Entertainment System" as one of the aliases.

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I agree, the official name should be its full name, also Aliases should definitely be added to everything. For example I use the term Famicom a lot so that an alias.

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I honestly think that NES is more an alias than Nintendo Entertainment System, which should be the true name. I agree that it should be changed.

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so thats why i couldnt find this page earlier.

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