6 months into the Switch's lifespan do you have a pro controller and how do you feel about it?

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Posted by BigSocrates (1887 posts) 17 days, 19 hours ago

Poll: 6 months into the Switch's lifespan do you have a pro controller and how do you feel about it? (444 votes)

I have a pro controller and it's the only way to play this thing in docked mode. 48%
I have a pro controller but I use/prefer the joycons. 4%
I don't have a pro controller but I want one 15%
I don't have a pro controller and I don't want one. The Joycons are great! 9%
I don't have a Switch/never play it in docked mode. 9%
i am maintaining my amateur controller status by not answering this poll, but I want to see results! 14%

So the Switch is 6 months old at this point and it's a decent time to check in. One question I have is how many people are using a pro controller with this thing. At $70 they are vastly overpriced but I can't imagine playing my Switch without one. It's not that the joycons are terrible in the grip, but they're substandard and the buttons are too small and fiddly. I like the joycons fine for handheld mode but for docked mode I am pro controller all the way!

What are other people's thoughts?

Also what are people's thoughts on the Switch in general. I still really like the hardware and I have had some fun with it, but I am a bit worried about the Nintendo drought syndrome, where there are only 3-4 big games worth playing a year. That would still make it worth it to me, but it's part of what killed the Wii U and I'm hoping the Switch can attract more attention from third parties, kind of like the Wii but higher quality. Mario+Rabbids: Kingdom Battle is a great start, but Ubisoft also released ZombiU and that didn't sell well enough. Maybe Ubi's thinking is that Nintendo players only buy Nintendo games so if they make a game that is basically a Nintendo game (including Mario) it will sell. I sure hope so, that game is very very good.

In terms of the Nintendo big releases I would say:

Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild: One of my favorite games ever, a true masterpiece.

Mario Kart 8 Deluxe: Very fun with great aesthetics but I wish there was some kind of Diddy Kong Racing style story mode or more unlockables or something. I really enjoyed it but I didn't stick with it.

Arms: Bright, colorful, and just not that fun in my opinion. I played it a little but pretty much gave up. Another game that could benefit from more singleplayer content but that aside it's sort of an okay to good party fighting game.

Splatoon 2: I had a pretty negative reaction to this at first, but during this weekend's splatfest I started to get into a bit of a groove and was enjoying it. I like the aesthetic and all that and the gameplay is pretty fun but I have the same complaints as everyone else.

Mario+Rabbids: Kingdom Battle: Love it, biggest surprise of the year for me, exactly what I want from this console.

Of course there are other good games for the console (I am personally quite partial to Fast RMX) but those are the big 5 in my opinion. Of course Super Mario Odyssey will change everything in just over a month, but for now those are the main attractions.

How are other people feeling after 6 months? This thing is still selling incredibly well so I'm optimistic that the best is yet to come. Now give us Mario Maker Switch, Nintendo!

#1 Edited by nicksmi56 (300 posts) -

I've never felt the need to buy a Pro Controller. The Joy-Cons with the Grip are perfectly fine (honestly my preferred way to play Sonic Mania because the directional buttons are a fine substitute for the D-pad), and I spend most of my time playing in handheld mode anyway.

#2 Posted by RetroMetal (646 posts) -

I honestly cannot stand the fact that the Joycons do not have a proper D-pad. For that fact alone I own 2 Pro Controllers.

#3 Edited by Picky_Bugger (203 posts) -

Six months into the Switch and mine has never been plugged into a TV. No need for the pro.

#4 Posted by StefanTheMongol (57 posts) -

I feel like the analog sticks on the joy-cons are garbage. I can really only play on the Pro controller.

#5 Posted by scoutnagnets (22 posts) -

I own a pro controller and I have to say, it's really the only way to play in docked mode. My hands get very unhappy when I use the joycons with the grip accessory. The lack of a proper D-pad doesn't really bother me, it's more the rectangular shape of the whole get-up. Monster Hunter XX plays really nicely on a good controller.

#6 Posted by frytup (727 posts) -

Only way to play. The price is ridiculous, of course, but it helps that it's a well-designed controller with great battery life.

#7 Posted by MattyFTM (14823 posts) -

I almost bought a pro controller when I got the console, but I'm finding myself playing almost solely in handheld mode (despite being sat in front of a big TV) so I don't feel like I need one.

#8 Posted by Ketta (77 posts) -

I tend to use the pro controller in docked mode, but I'm not obsessed with it and wouldn't claim it is the only way to play...

#9 Posted by doctordonkey (1467 posts) -

I was certain I was going to cave and spend the ridiculous amount of money on a pro controller after buying my Switch, but I never needed to. I honestly did not expect detached joycons to feel so incredibly comfortable, it was shocking and an amazing surprise. It also gives a unique feeling to playing things on the Switch as well, it really separates it from the other consoles/PC. I didn't expect to actually enjoy the motion controls, either. Having gyro on a separate hand from character movement feels incredible, and offers so much more control over the pro controller. It's what I imagine they were aiming for when they created the Nunchuk+Wiimote. Except the IR on the Wiimote was terrible, and the sensor on the Nunchuk was garbage, in addition to having them attached via a cable, so it felt terrible and kind of like a prototype. This feels like the full realization of that concept. Feels fantastic to play Splatoon 2 with it.

#10 Posted by SethMode (592 posts) -

I have the pro controller and love it, but none of the poll results really suit me because I will use it when the dock is available, but also have no problem playing it as a handheld. I like both options for the most part.

#11 Edited by sjleland (13 posts) -

Does it have a headphone jack? No. Could it be cheaper? Sure. Can the input be a little weird on the D-Pad for some games? YES.

Overall though, its a great controller. I remember audibly reacting when I took it out of the box because of how comfortable it is. Occasionally, I'll play with split 'cons or in handheld mode just for kicks or if I'm getting in a quick session, but I love it. Don't regret getting it at all.


#12 Edited by Justin258 (14752 posts) -

I only recently got a Switch.

The Joycons in the grip are fine in a pinch but it only took a few days for me to give in and go buy a pro controller.

I really like playing games on my Switch but I do need some stuff to play on it. I really need a meaty RPG on it. Breath of the Wild a) isn't an RPG and b) is something I completed on the WII U.

#13 Edited by triviaman09 (983 posts) -

I think I've played in in docked mode twice. Both times I felt the joycons were fine. You can play with your arms in whatever position feels comfy. But I never play the thing in docked mode so that pro controller is way too much of an investment for me.

#14 Edited by ThePanzini (575 posts) -

The Pro is serviceable at best the triggers/d-pad are straight up bad and for £50 with no headphone its not even funny but compared to the Joy-Cons the Pro it might as well be the best controller ever made.

#15 Posted by bartok (3183 posts) -

Just can't justify the price. $70 US is just too much especially when the Joycons are fine.

#16 Posted by PlayerPrime (18 posts) -

I got one at launch and use it exclusively when playing in docked mode. The d-pad isn't great but otherwise it's a fantastic controller.

That being said, I've been using an 8-bitdo for Sonic Mania and that works really damn well too.

#17 Edited by BoboBones (119 posts) -

I have large hands, so Pro Control all the way. Having a real D Pad alone is great.

One caveat, is that the Joy Cons feel a little better for Splatoon 2 due to the fact that the motion controls feel better when you only have to move your right hand, and can keep the left hand stationary.

The only way I found a Switch was in a bundle of a Pro Controller and Zelda + the Season Pass, and it was the same price as buying all 4 items separately. I normally hate bundles, but I was planning on getting a Pro Controller eventually. I'm definitely glad I've had it since day one.

#18 Edited by buttle826 (264 posts) -

I have a Pro Controller, and that thing is great, but I'm really annoyed that I had to spend $80 to get it. Still a much better controller than the joy-con grip, which is ridiculous.

#19 Posted by nicksmi56 (300 posts) -
#20 Posted by GrayFox666 (95 posts) -

I have a pro controller and I regret the purchase because it's a mediocre controller and cost WAY too much. Probably is better than the joy cons though

#21 Edited by segajupiter (89 posts) -

I avoid using the switch as a handheld because of how poor I think the joycons are. I exclusively use the Switch in docked mode or table top mode - both controlled with a pro controller.

#22 Posted by ripelivejam (11873 posts) -

Got it and enjoy it, it feels like a tank. Unfortunately I'm having the poorly responsive dpad where right/left presses register up presses occasionally. Been lazy about getting it repaired.

#23 Posted by Pilzi (101 posts) -

I don't have a pro controller and I don't want one. (because it's 80 bucks) The Joycons are (not really all that) great (either)!

#24 Posted by frytup (727 posts) -

Nothing wrong with the d-pad to me. Among modern controllers I'd only rate the DS4's higher... but not by much.


#25 Posted by Quantris (1017 posts) -

You're missing the option for I have one but consider split joycon just as good. The grip is useless to me though.

#26 Posted by ripelivejam (11873 posts) -
@frytup said:

Nothing wrong with the d-pad to me. Among modern controllers I'd only rate the DS4's higher... but not by much.


Have you played any amount of Puyo Puyo Tetris?

I dunno, maybe my fingers are too fat, pudgy, and clumsy.

#27 Posted by bgizle (1 posts) -
#28 Edited by FlashFlood_29 (3724 posts) -

Playing Zepda on switch and I haven't felt a need to buy a controller. Are the joycons perfect? No but they also work well with the grip, for me. My only problem with the joycons is the comfort during handeld mode when having to bend my thumb on the left hand to use the d-pad. Pro Controller won't help that, though, so still no need for one. I'm sure it's just something that'll need getting used to.

E: I should mention it's really only a problem if trying to use both middle and index fingers on the trigger/shoulder button at same time, instead of single grip.

#29 Edited by Yesiamaduck (2280 posts) -

Got the comfort grip for £9, it's much better than the standard one, I'll get a pro controller the moment I can be arsed to spend £60 on a controller or even find one in stock!!!!

#30 Posted by totsboy (362 posts) -

I only played once in dock mode, I think the joy cons are fine, but I would rather play in portable mode.

#31 Posted by guthwulf (319 posts) -

While I don't have the problems with the Joycon D-pad a lot of people seem to be having, I certainly prefer the Pro Controller for docked play. That thing is tied with the PS4 controller for best controller of all time for me.

As for the games, at the moment I really couldn't be much happier. I love the steady stream of great indie games, with enough big releases in between to make me very happy. I hope Nintendo really establishes the Switch as *the* indie console. Then the usual first party games would be enough for me to never regret having bought it.

So far I have played Zelda, Wonderboy, Kamiko, Snake Pass, Shovel Knight, Mighty Gunvolt Burst, Shantae, Blaster Master and Mario+Rabbids. I can't remember when I have bought that many games in the first six months of a console's lifespan. After I have finished Kingdom Battle, there's already Steamworld Dig 2 on the horizon, then Mario Odyssey, the next BotW DLC, Xenoblades Chronicles 2, Fire Emblem Warriors, Harvest Moon, Stardew Valley... Boy, no wonder I'm only using Xbone and PS4 for Netflix etc. these days.

If things stay anything like that, the Switch is gonna be my favorite console of all time for sure.

#32 Posted by Bollard (7748 posts) -

Where's the "I don't have a pro controller and I don't want one, the JoyCons are terrible!" option?

I can't be bothered to shell out for a pro controller as I mostly play handheld, but using the joycons on my sofa is garbage because they constantly lose connection. Their range is completely pathetic, and having them stop working if I obstruct them with my leg or something is trash.

If I buy anything it'll be that 8bitdo SNES controller with joysticks.

#33 Posted by Forcen (2370 posts) -

Anyone here play Puyo Puyo Tetris with the Pro Controllers D-Pad? Or maybe you tried Street Fighter 2 with it, can you do your hadoukens without issues?? I had to start using the joycons for Tetris since I started dropping pieces I didn't intend to drop, it seems way to raised up so you can almost get to register a down-press with the lower part of the left or right parts if you get what I mean.

Sure, d-pads are great in theory but I think this one has some problems. On the tiny directional buttons of the joycons you never push the wrong direction at least.

But the pro controller is great for basically anything where you want to use Sticks.

#34 Posted by StarvingGamer (11441 posts) -

I own a Pro controller and have never played my Switch in docked mode... which one do I pick? It's way better for Splat2 and unnecessary for everything else I own so far.

#35 Posted by viking_funeral (2718 posts) -

Have Pro Controller. Always play it in handheld mode.

#36 Posted by elmorales94 (106 posts) -

I've played a couple hundred hours between all of my games and don't have the pro controller. The Joy-Cons in the grip is a perfectly fine way to play and I don't understand the hate. I'll probably get a pro controller eventually, but it's mostly because I don't feel like constantly detaching the Joy-Cons. It has nothing to do with comfort. Zelda is the only game I think I'd prefer to play with the pro, and I've already put as much time into that as I'm going to.

#37 Edited by TensionHead (45 posts) -

Just bought one a few weeks ago. Breath of the Wild is indeed a masterpiece, one of my favorites of the generation and of all time, up there with Bloodborne and Persona 5. Luckily, it will make me not care about playing other Switch games for a good long while. But will it end up entirely defining the Switch?

I still have a few more reservations. What happens after Mario Odyssey? How will the new Metroid be, and what other major first party games will be next? And what about robust third party development going forward, will it be more than what we're seeing with the indie re-releases on the digital store? All valid questions.

I have also been disappointed in the lack of a true Virtual Console, seeing as I never bought a Wii U and I would love to play many of those classic games on a powerful handheld like this. They want to trickle out a handful of legacy games every month starting next year for people who pay, and hopefully many of those titles are synonymous with VC titles.

That said, I've gotten used to the joycons after initially thinking they were just too ergonomically challenged to be any good. They're okay; the buttons are meaty enough and the analog sticks are precise, even if they were a little too loose for my liking. $70 is a lot of money for a Pro controller that some folks don't think is that great, even though some swear by it since it's a colossal improvement (such as you fine people). I am too nervous to regularly undock the Switch and schlep it around with me, so I should probably just shut up and buy a Pro controller.

#38 Posted by chilibean_3 (2243 posts) -

The JoyCons are terrible and the pro controller is way too expensive for what it is.

#39 Edited by Justin258 (14752 posts) -

@nicksmi56 said:

@justin258: Disgaea 5? Mario + Rabbids?

Not really what I mean when I say "RPG" - both are turn-based strategy games. I guess both are a type of RPG, but I'm really waiting for Xenoblade Chronicles 2 on the RPG front. I am Setsuna is on the Switch at this point, I think, but I already own that on PC (and, while it's a nice, pleasant game, I don't really think it's particularly impressive). I would also really like to play Skyrim on the Switch, but I have a hard time justifying that to myself when I already have the PC version and have played it quite a bit, and I also played the 360 version for over a hundred hours back in the day.

Breath of the Wild covers the exploration and world aspect of RPG's that I'm looking for, but it doesn't have the sort of gameplay I'm looking for (you can't build different types of characters, almost all stats involved are hidden, combat is way closer to that of an action game, there's no leveling up, among other things). Disgaea, and to some extent Mario + Rabbids, has some of the other aspects of RPG's, but again, not quite what I'm after.

This isn't really a complaint, a lot of consoles go some time without having this sort of game. If I were to list out all of the games I want to play that have come out on the Switch or are coming out, there's enough to play for me to be happy with my purchase for now.

EDIT: I realize above that I kinda contradicted myself with my last sentence here. Oh well.

#40 Posted by nick_verissimo (1451 posts) -

Would love to have a Pro Controller, but it's $100 in Canada, so I really can't justify it. Maybe if it dropped to $40 or $50? Paying $100 for extra joy cons hurt enough -_-

#41 Posted by Captain_Insano (2996 posts) -

Have Pro Controller. Always play it in handheld mode.

Pretty much this. The two occasions I have played on the TV I have used the Pro Controller and it feels.....not as good as other controllers? But probably better than the JoyCons on their little dock thing?

Joycons feel fine in Handheld mode.

#42 Posted by mcspikes (2 posts) -

I have a pro controller that I hardly use because I typically only play the switch as a handheld. I've been enjoying my switch on the go but it never even occurs to me to hook it up to the tv unless I'm playing some Mariokart multiplayer.

The controller itself is alright I suppose, the early reactions from people saying "best/ most comfortable controller ever" is nonsense though.

#43 Posted by MStankow (10 posts) -

Got a pro controller at launch. Didn't even know I had the joycon connectivity issue until ARMs was out cause I hate using the joycons in the controller dock.

Pro controller is great though. I don't know if I like it more than the PS4 controller or not though.

#44 Edited by colourful_hippie (5762 posts) -

Have one and although I would say that's it's the only way to play docked, Mario and Rabbids has been the only game I sometimes play with the joycons separated because it doesn't require high finger dexterity and I like being able to have my hands apart

#45 Posted by nickhead (1135 posts) -

I love the pro controller but don't hate having to use the grip.

I primarily played in handheld mode the first couple months I had it but lately it feels a little uncomfortable to me.

#46 Posted by roylink (141 posts) -

I don't have the pro controller. I have the 8bitDo controller, Regular grip, and the charging grip. I wondering if it better to just buy another pair of joy cons at this point. I'm also thinking about getting the Mario Kart wheels. From what I heard, with a little bit of messing around with them, they are a great grip for the joy cons.

#47 Posted by Neurogia (71 posts) -

When I tried out the pro controller, I never looked back. I'm looking forward to using it in Monster Hunter XX.

The joy-cons are a handicap. And it's funny how buying a new pair of them is more expensive than the pro controller.

#48 Posted by csl316 (14255 posts) -

Got my Pro controller free with Amazon points and love it. Never bought one for the Wii U and played enough Zelda with the Joy cons to think it wasn't necessary.

It is!!

#49 Posted by AyuTharja (977 posts) -

I don't have one but i plan to get one.. but i think the Joy Cons are awesome.

#50 Posted by Boniti (107 posts) -

While I checked the first box, I feel like I'm really somewhere in the middle. I got the pro controller, and while I don't regret my prize I think the joy con grip is just fine. The pro controller is nice as it allows for more players in my multi player games and is also a marginally better way to play. I don't think it's vastly superior though.

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