Are Your Joy-Cons Drifting & How Long Have You Had Your Switch?

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#1 Edited by liquiddragon (3526 posts) -

Hey, I've had my Switch for very close to a year and I haven't experienced the drifting issue yet.

Just trying to get a sense of how widespread this problem is. It's obviously common enough that Nintendo had to do something about it.

I'm wondering if it's something I should expect in the near future. Thanks.

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#2 Posted by tacobelmont (13 posts) -

I bought mine at launch and also bought an additional set of Joycons. The ones bundled with the system have no issues, but my left Joycon I bought separately does have drift issues.

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#3 Posted by imhungry (1139 posts) -

I've had mine for just over a year and definitely have drift on my left joycon.

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#4 Posted by nateandrews (101 posts) -

I’ve had mine since December 2017 and the drift has gotten way worse in recent months. I can’t navigate menus with the left joycon stick because it’ll keep scrolling, and my movement in Fire Emblem is affected by it too.

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I only really notice the drift in my left joycon when using it on its own sideways as a controller for Mario Kart, but it is fairly pronounced. I got a Switch pretty much at launch

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#6 Posted by wollywoo (300 posts) -

I've had mine since launch and never replaced the Joy-Cons. I've only experienced drift issues once or twice.

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#7 Posted by mellotronrules (2623 posts) -

bought one in nov. 2017- no drift i've noticed yet.

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#8 Posted by urban_ryoga (114 posts) -

I've had the drift since launch, which was a special level of hell when trying to use gyro controls at times in botw. I eventually bought a pro controller and took my controller with a repair. I eventually bought a second pair of controllers and sent them for repair sight unseen since I didn't want to experience it again.

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Switch owner since June 2017. I swapped to the Splatoon pink and green Joy-Cons shortly after they released (which was January 2018, I think?). No drift, although the left stick on both left Joy-Cons I own feel loose in their sockets.

I don't feel like I play a lot of games that require a ton of aggressive analog stick input, and if I do I'm usually playing docked + Pro Controller. Most of my handheld gaming has been Into the Breach, Pokemon Let's Go, and Diablo 3.

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#10 Posted by frytup (1344 posts) -

Bought mine launch day and no drift, but I don't actually use the joycons all that much. Mostly docked and pro controller.

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