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#1 Edited by TomyDingo (213 posts) -

Surprised there isn't one of these yet...

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Thanks for getting it started! My Nintendo nickname is mrhaydel, and here's my friend code:


I'll check back and add anyone else that comes along as well!

EDIT: Ugh, wrongly assumed my 3DS FC would be my friend code but I guess not! I've updated it here.

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#3 Posted by TomyDingo (213 posts) -
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#5 Posted by joebillmatt (33 posts) -


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Mall cop and SW-1990-6510-6908

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#7 Posted by mrhaydel (49 posts) -
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#8 Posted by perniciousdistortion (81 posts) -

When I get home ill post my friend code as well

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#9 Edited by Forcen (2319 posts) -


Name: Forcen

PSA: The profile name you pick is the one friends see. I just picked my firstname at the start assuming it would show the one I picked on

You can also revoke friend codes eventually, if you want to keep it private some day.

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#10 Posted by Azraeill (63 posts) -

Thanks for getting this started!



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#12 Edited by Yesiamaduck (2193 posts) -

Username: Duckness

Friend code SW-0775-9654-5008

Although the only use for this at the mo appears to be Bomberman :( and that online is a mess of epic laggy proportions

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#13 Posted by Gila_Moo (6 posts) -


Will mostly be playing FAST RMX online until Mario Kart 8 Deluxe comes in, and after that it'll pretty much be Splatoon when it releases.

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#14 Posted by Libb (153 posts) -

Friend code: SW-2961-4292-0037

Nickname: Beeks

Only have Zelda at the moment, but I will probably pick up Fast RMX when I get a bit tired of it. Definitely getting MK8 and Splatoon 2 when they come out too.

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#15 Posted by Based (163 posts) -

Friend code: SW-0098-0781-2906

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#16 Posted by citan359 (14 posts) -

Citan 5024-3106-9436

I'm pretty much playing exclusively handheld with Airplane Mode on to maximize my lying in bed LoZ time but once Mario Kart and stuff roll around I look forward to playing with everyone!

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#17 Posted by Grassdragon (4 posts) -

G-Dragon: SW-2359-5664-5693

I've only got Zelda and Shovel Knight atm, but having friends is always good.

(If only you could import all your 3DS/Wii U friends...)

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#18 Edited by Hawkman15147 (1 posts) -

Username - Hawkman

Friend Code: SW-0460-3452-7049

Already have Mario Kart and Splatoon pre-ordered via Amazon! Send the invite! Interested in Fast RMX but haven't read anything about it yet.

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#19 Posted by space_cadet_12 (5 posts) -



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#20 Posted by Hosstile17 (828 posts) -

Username: Hosstile17

Friend code: SW-6486-9465-6008

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#21 Posted by sizzlerxanadu (15 posts) -

Loving Zelda so far, hopefully there'll be something to use a friends list for soon...

Oklay - SW-4305-9245-4228

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#22 Posted by Kirios (54 posts) -


Would love to have some more friends added to my friend list!

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#23 Posted by superdomino (176 posts) -

SuprDomino - SW-3193-4059-4521

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#24 Posted by rojano17 (54 posts) -

Hey Duders, add me up!


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#25 Posted by MagusMaleficus (1166 posts) -

FC: SW-3058-4796-6301

Nick: Magus Adam

Location: WV, USA

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#26 Posted by Brad2theBone (9 posts) -


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#27 Posted by Asmo917 (638 posts) -

Nickname: Asmo917

FC: 1685-9891-9880

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#28 Posted by SourPatchJames (30 posts) -

Username - Leechee

Friend Code: SW-2681-8555-1510

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Nickname: Kaspu

Friend code: SW-0584-5529-5394

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Can't believe we still have to exchange friend codes in 2017. Nintendo please change this.


Nickname: rebel scum

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#31 Posted by CABBAGES (593 posts) -



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#32 Posted by JackBurt0n (106 posts) -

Yay for this thread! Boo for friend codes. *sigh*



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#33 Posted by metalsnakezero (2864 posts) -

Nickname: Timemuffin


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#35 Edited by RandomEvan (1 posts) -

Please add me I have no friends 😭

SW-6293-0161-5427 Name: RandomEvan

I hate friend codes thank god for this thread

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#36 Edited by CF64 (4 posts) -

NNID: theCFlo

Switch FC: 7727-7464-3594

I'm mostly playing Zelda and Fast now, and I'll probably be into Kart, Splatoon, and Smash when they come out.

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#37 Posted by agn0sis (37 posts) -


Name: Nixon

Add me duders!

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#38 Posted by Gerriam (43 posts) -

Name: Gerriam


Not much going on in terms of online games right now, but already looking forward to Mario Kart and Splatoon, so add me, fellow duders!

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#39 Posted by paj84 (1 posts) -

Name: paj84


Currently playing Zelda, but I also own Super Bomberman R which I intend to play eventually :)

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#40 Posted by GamerGuard115 (1 posts) -

Name: GamerGuard


Currently playing Zelda and occasionally 1-2 Switch. Definitely looking forward to Mario Kart and Splatoon 2! Unbelievably excited for Smash Bros whenever it comes out! Add me up!

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#41 Posted by Marvin151 (1 posts) -



Would love to get some new friends. I'M currently playing Zelda which Im enjoying so far. Waiting for Mario kart to release. So add me!

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#42 Posted by DrewDiddy1996 (1 posts) -

Nickname: Drew


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#43 Posted by countbolkonsky (70 posts) -

Name: Nathan


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#44 Edited by SteveV (222 posts) -

Name : SteveVice


I only got Zelda, but I'll most likely get Mario Kart and Splatoon. Might get Bomberman if i can find it cheap.

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#45 Posted by McAnuff (33 posts) -

Name: McAnuff


The Splatoon 2 Global Testfire is happening soon (just downloaded it from the eShop) so that will be a good test for Switch multiplayer.

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#46 Posted by goinghollow (1 posts) -

Here's mine: 7067-7345-5220

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#47 Edited by HollowedCrane (1 posts) -


Nickname: RaymondGar

Add me up!!! :)

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#48 Edited by stachestash (30 posts) -

Name: Brett

Code: 5266-7477-3697

We can do this.

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#49 Posted by DaFynest (1 posts) -

Gonna need some friends for upcoming Kart, Splatoon, Arms and all the good stuff!



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#50 Edited by GoldCapT (1 posts) -

Hit me up. Will be Mario Karting alot when released.


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