General early Switch impressions: Post yours here!

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I thought it might be a nice idea to have a thread for us early Switch adopters to post our thoughts and impressions, air our grievances, etc. As specific or non-specific as we please. Hopefully this isn't too non-focused for its own thread; I'm not entirely sure.

Best I can say about it currently is that the screen is GORGEOUS and I think it works fantastically as a handheld. Good weight, good size, and the joycons honestly just feel right as a handheld controller (in the grip playing in TV mode is a different story; get a pro controller).

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Hey just got the Switch today with zelda breath of the wild. the only gripe i have so far is the joycon straps. I can't stress enough do not install them the wrong way like i did when i installed on the wrong side on the left joy-con, it did take som time to figure out how to remove the strap without damaging the controller.

if you have the same problem just use a flat head screwdriver stick the screwdriver head in the white tab wich says lock on the top and slide it up it took 10 seconds,but took an hour to figure it out. The zelda experience was not great, with framerate dips below 30. Better to play in handeld mode for now. Hopefully nintendo will release a fix soon.

I tried out the joy-cons in separate mode, not great but alright. the controller grip that was bundled with the console was bad. I think i will get a pro controller soon because i loved the wii u pro controller.

The first impression i got was that nintendo Switch is a small and sleek console i compared it too wii u it's way smaller, and thank god no more dvds or blu-rays. Love the small game cartridges.

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#3 Posted by MrBGone (45 posts) -

Absolutely fantastic handheld. One weird thing: I actually prefer the weird controller over dual shock 4. Ds4 makes my thumbs hurt and the "bumpers/triggers" feels clumsy - can't fit two fingers (one on the bumper/other on trigger and the buttons are a bit two separated to be able to switch swiftly).

The lumpy version of the joycon is clearly made for using just on finger on the trigger/bumper thingys and I like it a lot more. Don't feel the need to buy a pro controller.

Xbox 360 controller is still my favourite, but joy con is surprisingly good and doesn't feel gimmicky.

I've played about ten hours handheld zelda/three hours on the tv. Smoother fps on the handheld but I don't really mind.

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#4 Posted by SnowyPliskin (178 posts) -

Did they do the launch stream? Must have missed it.

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#5 Posted by StarvingGamer (11399 posts) -

Seems like a solid console, although playing it as a handheld unit got tiring rather quickly for me. I'm happy to play it on the table with Joycons in hand though. Did an hour of Zelda this morning without my hands cramping up or anything. No idea about the dock other than it works. My TV time is solely dedicated to Horizon currently.

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#6 Posted by pompouspizza (1304 posts) -

Love it so far, my only major gripe is that the kickstand is really loose and constantly flaps open on it's own.

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the thing feels mostly solidly built, smaller than i expected but still a good weight to it. joycon taste ok. wish they slid out a little smoother or maybe i just need to get used to it. playing with the separate joycon is lazy mode to the extreme. i can have my hands hanging limply by my side and still play. zelda so far is captivating; a little simplistic but i can see it really opening up and i love just travelling through the land. i felt i needed to get a 2nd game so i got the 25 dollar shovelknight collection that i guess doesnt include the other 10 dollar game? also got the charging grip but starting to think it isnt necessary. i LOVE the sound effect and feel of popping in the joycon and the little animated flourishes with it. i see a lot of potential with the system and it already seems popular enough that it will be well supported, better than wii u at any rate. overall happy though im dreading the wait for bigger games and may buy some more mediocre ones just to tide me over. disgaea 5 looks sweet though.

how is fast rmx?

also i kinda wanted to go with snipperclips as 2nd game but it seems heavily local multi and im not sure how much chance ill have to play it.

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I wish my Amazon preorder came, so I could elaborate.

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#9 Posted by Octopusrocketmark (121 posts) -

@ripelivejam: That Shovel Knight collection includes all DLC including that other 10 dollar game. I haven't gotten RMX yet but I can tell you that the original on Wii U was one of my favorite games of 2015. if you ever wanted an HD F-Zero game this fills that void quite nicely. Great sense of speed, rock solid framerate, tight racing controls.

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Really liking it so far. As a handheld console I can have next to my sofa and never plug it into a TV it seems like it'll get a lot of use. I've already packed the HDMI cable, the joycon holder thing and the straps away, never to see the light of day again.

As for Zelda, again it seems real good except for that fucking shrine with the motion controlled ball maze bollocks. That nearly had me throwing my Switch out the window.

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#11 Posted by Slag (7351 posts) -

...joycon taste ok...

Finally, somebody answers the important question.

How does the charging grip taste?

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#12 Posted by CreepingDeath0 (331 posts) -

Love the console so far. Everything feels surprisingly well built. I was sure I'd think the controller was too small for me, but after about an hour of using it I had adapted pretty well.

My only criticism is that boy is everything on the eshop overpriced!

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Switch feels more like a giant vita than a console. It's clearly doesn't have much horse power but has the potential to be the perfect fusion of a handheld and a low end console. A step up from Wii U, but significantly less powerful than it's already unimpressive competition.

Zelda: just started. Not sure I like the way it controls.

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#14 Posted by Teddie (1570 posts) -

playing with the separate joycon is lazy mode to the extreme. i can have my hands hanging limply by my side and still play.

So far this is the most appealing feature for me, I'd kill for a PS4 controller you could separate down the middle.

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#15 Posted by OurSin_360 (4673 posts) -

Is the battery life good? I remember reading it was only like 3 hours or something?

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i realized my kid icarus stand for my 3ds is perfect for playing it in tabletop mode while still charging the unit.

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#17 Posted by ripelivejam (11245 posts) -

also i just knocked a tree over with a bomb to cross over a gap in zelda and i had the biggest grin when i did so. :)

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#18 Posted by horseman6 (1207 posts) -

I bought it because Target just happened to have one when I went in. So far, it's a much better interface than the last couple consoles. I have a few gripes though; USB-C should be at the top instead of the bottom so that I can connect power and use the kickstand at the same time; controllers and buttons are way too small; I don't like the way they did the d-pad, although I understand why; it's also heavier than it should be. But besides those gripes, it's a better built system than they've done in a long time.

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#19 Posted by horseman6 (1207 posts) -

@oursin_360: nope, 2.5 hours playing Zelda. I bought a massive power brick, 30k, and supposedly it'll give it a couple extra charges.

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#20 Edited by WynnDuffy (1123 posts) -

I think it is an awesome machine and Zelda is great. The JoyCons fit my above average hands very well with the grip or when separated (one in each hand). I cancelled my Pro Controller order!

No JoyCon sync problems here either but I am annoyed it has a plastic screen, I've also put felt inside my dock because people are having their screens scratched sliding it in.

Zelda runs pretty well and looks nice, important to remember it's a WiiU port and had a bit of a troubled development, so I'm expecting even better results from Splatoon 2 and Mario Odyssey.

@ripelivejam said:

playing with the separate joycon is lazy mode to the extreme. i can have my hands hanging limply by my side and still play.

Seriously. I never knew how much I wanted this, it feels so good. Can be a little hard holding the trigger for the bow while aiming using the right stick but aside from that it feels perfect.

Wanted to make fire arrows and was wondering how, kept shooting arrows into a fire and it didn't work. Just happened by chance to walk up close to the fire with my bow out and the tip caught fire, boom fire arrow!

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#21 Posted by Based (163 posts) -

It seems pretty cool so far. I love my colored one.

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#22 Posted by MATATAT (1103 posts) -

For the love of god do not make the same mistake I did and put the strap rails on backwards. Getting those things off is absurdly difficult even when you put them on right. Putting them on backwards is some sort of hell I never want to find myself in again.

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#23 Posted by generalwalnut (61 posts) -

I can't believe the same Nintendo that made the Wii-U made this thing. The hardware feels really solid and the UI is responsive and sleek. Zelda is fantastic and I'm really excited to see how the Switch continues to develop over the year.

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#24 Posted by VoshiNova (2275 posts) -

awesome awesome awesome. I can't wait to get my hands on zelda.

also i just knocked a tree over with a bomb to cross over a gap in zelda and i had the biggest grin when i did so. :)

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#25 Posted by sfw44 (181 posts) -

I love my Switch, it's really cool and it has potential for sure but I don't like the Joy Con grip thing that came with it. I'll probably get the Pro Controller in the near future.

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#26 Posted by Yesiamaduck (2193 posts) -

Early impressions are incredibly high and I see this device having a ridiculous amount of potential as an indie machine with a stellar line up of first party titles. I think in a kind of surprising turn of events I think I prefer it as a handheld.

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#27 Posted by SloppyDetective (1108 posts) -

@yesiamaduck: I really really hope Nintendo get's tons of indies on it so it can fill the same space as the Vita for portable indie gaming. But they need to be reasonably priced; not $40 like Binding of Issac.

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#28 Posted by Dark (484 posts) -

Love the device, was using it all last night, went to use it today and the screen has died xD. It works when docked and whilst i want to just keep using it, I guess i just got a dud. The screen is completely blank, yyaaayyy.

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#29 Posted by Barrock (3938 posts) -

Zelda is incredible.

I can't help but wish they had made a version without the screen. I'm not going to play any games undocked, so a different version without the screen and joycon would be great. Love the pro controller.

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#30 Edited by ThePanzini (449 posts) -

Nintendo hardware often feels and looks like kids toys the Switch doesn't feel like it but the joycons are laughably so small only a child could use them, the grip doesn't help either. The UI is clean and simple its basically the PS4's upside down I do miss the QoL stuff like rebinding the keys it been along time since I owned a Nintendo console A,B,X,Y are in the wrong place for me. The e-shop is very thin with the Nindies showcase and whats currently available severely lacking.

Spent 6 hours with Zelda seems neat but the controls are weird clearly they were ment for a touch screen and performance has been spotty the game has turned into slide show on several occasions its worse than Witcher 3 not unplayable though. So far I've cleared two areas finished 8 shrines it been very easy now I can't remember if Zelda's always been easy or the game starts very slow, coming off the back of Horizon hasn't helped Aloy has infinite sprint and a very nimble climber, with Zelda's stamina meter Link feels like he's had one to many pie's.

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#31 Posted by MrBGone (45 posts) -

@sfw44: What is it that you don't ölike about it? Curious since I was surprised about how good it felt.

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#32 Posted by Octopusrocketmark (121 posts) -

After a day and a half using it mostly handheld I cracked open my pro controller.

God DAMN if this isn't my favorite controller ever.

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#33 Posted by pickassoreborn (717 posts) -

Grabbed a Switch today with Zelda as well as Snipperclips and Fast RMX.

Pros -

  • Feels great - really weighty and confident bit of kit. Pro controller is pricey but superb - thinking this is my favourite controller I've used.
  • Excellent screen display - still can't believe I'm playing something as fast and swish as Fast RMX on my lap.
  • Joy Cons make the "click" sound when you dock them.
  • Pairing devices is very straight-forward.
  • The support pages are also great to read along with some excellent illustrations - conveys a sense of fun (remember when consoles were fun?)
  • Nintendo eShop - best iteration yet. Great UX! Also goes without saying for the console UX in general. Clean, straight-forward and easy to navigate.

Cons -

  • Those Joy Con wrist straps - definitely needs more instructions to avoid doing damage with those.
  • Confusion in creating a Nintendo Account when I already had an NNID. The fact you can't create an account on the console itself is a major failing.
  • This is probably happening to a few of us with Xboxes - the A/B button swap is hard to get used to. Keep on quitting out when I didn't mean to.
  • Accidental screenshot capture - although might also be an Xbox controller thing I need to adapt for Switch.

One thing of note - I read up on the whole desync thing and perfect solution for me is to have the Pro controller for home and have the Joy Cons docked for portable hijinks. Extremely glad I managed to pick one up though.

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#34 Posted by Sargon (76 posts) -

Does anyone know the power requirements for charging the Pro Controller? I plugged mine into a USB 2.0 hub that I had used for my Wii U, but nothing happens. When I plug the cable directly into the Switch USB port, the orange charging light comes on. The same hub charges the Wii U Pro Controller just fine, so it would seem that the Switch controller needs more power.

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#35 Posted by Dark (484 posts) -

Update for my faulty screen.

Went into the JBhifi I got it at in Adelaide, staff played with it, still didnt work so they exchanged it.

Yes, 3 days after launch places in Aus still have plenty of stock left, I think the $470 price tag is too steep here, looks bad.

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#36 Posted by sammo21 (5404 posts) -

Cool handheld, minus the battery life. Stupid controllers when not in portable mode. I refuse to spend another dime on the Switch so I'm not getting a Pro controller, and honestly I shouldn't have to just to get a good controller.

Other than that I would say it feels like a system that's 5 major firmware patches away from be a complete, modern console. Button placement is dumb. I also don't like the analog sticks and size of the "L1/R1" buttons on the joycons.

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#37 Posted by guthwulf (307 posts) -

I'm very happy so far.

Loving the UI, it looks so sleek and there's so little clutter. I honestly hope they keep it that way and don't add tons of apps I don't need. Feels like a real dedicated gaming machine at the moment... And boy is it fast!

Also the screen is really sharp and has just the right size for me. I bought Shovel Knight to test the handheld mode and enjoy it very much.

In general I have to say that I was surprised how small everything is. I thought it would be bigger. It's totally a good thing for me, especially because the tablet is pretty much only screen, unlike the WiiU pad (for obvious reasons).

Last but not least, I think that everything has a certain weight to it and does not feel flimsy. The Joycons are so small, but they feel really good.

What I don't like is, and some people have already mentioned that, attaching and detaching the straps for the Joycons is harder than it should be. Idiot me attached them the wrong way around the first time as well, but even in the right orientation it's pretty difficult :P

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#38 Posted by ripelivejam (11245 posts) -

now we just need some fucking monster hunter up ins.

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#39 Edited by Rasrimra (316 posts) -

Been playing mostly on the Pro controller.

My first impression out of the box was that it is tiny. The console itself is real small for gaming hardware. But the screen isn't as small as the complainers made it out to be. The load times are pretty short and the UI is very fast. I like that when you turn it on, you can continue where you left off in a game within a second. A feature that none of the complainers mentioned. The rumble is really nice. It's very different from the standard rumble unlike what the haters try to tell you. And I like that the volume in portable mode can be set louder than the 3DS volume. That was one of my concerns. The kickstand isn't anything fantastic but it did its job for me and comparing it to my phone kickstand I don't understand the complaints. It would have been better if it was positioned more to the middle. But it does its job for me.

I have had zero issues with button size. A very weird complaint that I heard about. What I did not like is when you turn the joycons sideways that there are these buttons (normal shoulder/trigger buttons) that are still there but have no function. Maybe I'm a little OCD but accidentally pressing them while holding it sideways was distracting for me. The joycons attach well to my Switch and don't wobble and feel sturdy. Everything about it feels sturdy and good quality.

I just ordered Fast RMX through my browser on PC and it will download it when I turn on the Switch. That is a feature that I missed on the Wii U. The thing is full of happy little surprises like that.

So far everything about the Switch seems better than they portrayed it as. Which is unsurprising. I'm going to try and play Zelda now with each joycon in a hand to see how that plays.

Oh almost forgot: The Pro controller is amazing. That is going to be my main controller for PC games from now on. It handily beats the DS4 and XB1 controllers in terms of buttons. Every button feels better to press than on the other controllers. And the D-pad is perfect. It is worth every penny. It has the stick layout of the XB1 which ergonomically makes more sense (thumb is where left stick is when you relax), it has better shoulder buttons and triggers than the XB1 (except for not being analog) and it has a much better d-pad than both. The tilt controls in it work very well. The rumble in it is also a step up and it holds a battery charge for much longer. They just released the best controller for PC and console and are barely getting any credit for it, as you would expect. We need some articles or video's on that controller because damn, it's good.

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#40 Posted by AlisterCat (7493 posts) -

The courier lost mine on Friday so it never arrived and won't be coming until Monday evening. Those are my impressions.

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#41 Posted by GiantLennonx_x (297 posts) -

@rasrimra: you like the phrase "complainer" an awful lot 😅 also I don't think anyone having any general opinion on something should be called a hater, but that's just me. ^_^

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#42 Edited by Rasrimra (316 posts) -

@giantlennonx_x said:

@rasrimra: you like the phrase "complainer" an awful lot 😅 also I don't think anyone having any general opinion on something should be called a hater, but that's just me. ^_^

They (with which I mean most critics) don't so much share an opinion as much as they are busy reinforcing their prejudice, as they are just listing anything that could be considered negative about the Switch and end it there. Most of the podcasts and talks about the Switch immediately turn into 'let's try and think of the things we don't like and then proceed to make negative assumptions about everything we don't know about yet'. There are some double standards going around.

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#43 Posted by SubwayD (871 posts) -

The build quality of the screen has me worried and the rough plastic of the dock seems like a design oversight. The damn thing has already scuffed up the back of my system, and that's with me being super gentle with it and all.

For now, it's going to live in the dock until I can find protectors.

Other than that, it's certainly a fun Zelda machine! Waiting for more compelling exclusives that aren't indie games that'd play better on my PC or PS4, because that new Mario sure is a good long ways off. (I know Mario Kart and Splatoon 2 are coming, but with the pay-to-play online, they're a write off.)

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#44 Posted by WynnDuffy (1123 posts) -

@subwayd: Online is cheap and you don't have to pay until fall anyway

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#45 Posted by BigSocrates (1463 posts) -

My first impressions are mostly positive, but everything about this thing is overpriced. It's a $200 handheld for $300, and the few additional bits of plastic like the dock and the joycon grip don't make up the difference. I think we'll be looking at a price cut relatively soon to move units. Software is also overpriced for the most part, though obviously not Zelda.

The pro controller being $70 is silly and greedy. That's more than the NES classic edition, and much more than Xbone or PS4 controllers can be had for these days, taking discounts into account.

If you're not particularly price sensitive the build quality of the device is good, and the UI is snappy and intuitive. Set up was RIDICULOUSLY easy and I appreciate that. I'm also shocked (in a good way) at how cleanly the online infrastructure works on launch weekend. I was able to download games and link accounts with little effort, and I expected it to not work at all or be extremely compromised.

Overall it's pretty much what I expected. It seems a bit more delicate and less durable than I'd like (not that it has broken anyway, it just feels delicate) for a portable, but I love the concept behind the Switch and the actual delivery of that concept is super cool. I imagine there will be a better version of this thing in a couple years, and that's okay. I don't mind being an early adopter or paying a little extra to be able to mess around with something this cool.

And to be frank I am just really excited/happy to be back to owning Nintendo's home console. Assigning myself a Donkey Kong icon filled me with a familiar joy, and I am looking forward to Mario Kart and other stuff with a lot of excitement (Zelda is great, but Zelda is the least Nintendo of the core Nintendo franchises to me, because other games are trying to do what it's doing and are quite successful at it, which is not true for the platformers or Animal Crossing.) I hope this thing does gangbusters business and starts building a killer lineup. I'm definitely excited about the potential.

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#46 Posted by isomeri (2826 posts) -

@rasrimra said:

I just ordered Fast RMX through my browser on PC and it will download it when I turn on the Switch. That is a feature that I missed on the Wii U. The thing is full of happy little surprises like that.

Will the system download games when docked/charging in some sort of standby mode like on the XBO and PS4? Or do you have to have the system turned on for the entire download?

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#47 Edited by Marokai (3588 posts) -

@bigsocrates: I do wonder how successful the system will be in the long term because I've found myself wondering if Nintendo would've been better served in the bigger picture going a sort of Vita-like route in making two separate but individually cheaper devices that play the same games as opposed to the single hybrid system. In theory I love the hybrid idea, but even setting aside the Switch itself, everything surrounding it just seems to be more expensive than it should be. I'm personally waiting until later in the year, and for cheaper third-party accessories, but I might've dived in from the beginning had I been able to get a Playstation TV like device that just functioned as a tiny, super cheap, little brick that you can slot a Switch cartridge in, with a boring-ass controller that doesn't have all these separate parts, since that's pretty much exclusively how I'll be using the system anyway.

Regardless of that, the Switch is still miles ahead of the Wii U in the design and price-for-performance department.

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#48 Edited by LentFilms (673 posts) -

I got the Switch on Friday. Been playing Zelda for a good couple of hours, there is no hour count in the game from what I can tell so I'm not sure but it feels like I've played close to a dozen hours so far. I've definitely experienced the left Joycon thing a few times now but I moved the Switch dock closer to me and it seems to have helped a lot, almost never happens now and when it does I only loose control for half a second. So, despite that issue, I am actually enjoying my Switch a whole lot. It is really cool to just pick up the screen and play Zelda wherever I want and the hardware feels really nice. Zelda being an amazing game so far is also helping a lot in giving me a positive impression of the system. I am really happy to see that the world is full of so many fun characters and towns because I was initially really worried that the open world was just going to be big empty fields but it is surprisingly full and feels very lived in.

Also I didn't get a Wii U, although my brother had one so I did play it a bit, so I haven't purchased a Nintendo console since the Wii so it is kind of exciting in a way to be playing a Nintendo system on my TV again.

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#49 Edited by MezZa (2785 posts) -

My favorite thing about the system is its size. Its the only console I've been able to just sit on my computer desk and have plugged into my monitor without bringing over an extra stand for room. It's really nice having it sit next to my keyboard and having my headset plugged directly into it to get game audio while simultaneously watching something on the second monitor.

Tablet mode also proved to be insanely useful. Had a TV show I wanted to watch so I popped the switch out and carried it over to the couch to keep playing Zelda without a fuss.

I haven't tried the kickstand yet, but if my hands ever get tired of holding it I'll give that a shot. The device is light enough that I don't see myself straining my arms too easily though.

The games so far seem fine. Zelda is the obvious winner, and the game I have been putting hours into. I also played 1-2-Switch with some friends and that was pretty fun. I don't see myself playing that more than once or twice every couple of months as a party activity though. Kind of like jackbox. Good to have around, but not something I'll play alone. I haven't tried the downloadable games yet because of Zelda, but once I come out on the other side of that game I'll look to see what's available

Also their Animal Crossing icons are the best. It was a tough choice between Nook, K.K. Slider, and Rover.

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#50 Edited by WynnDuffy (1123 posts) -

@bigsocrates: I don't think the argument that the Switch is too expensive has much merit. I agree that the accessories are stupidly priced but the console package itself? Seems about right to me, think about it this way:

The Switch is said to be using a custom Tegra X1, which is similar to the newest X1 powered NVIDIA Shield that costs $300 which comes with a small remote and a controller. If you buy the Switch at $300 you get the JoyCons, the grip, the JoyCon straps and the dock.

It's easy to compare it to the price of a PS4 but then you're missing some crucial points: the PS4 doesn't have a display, it doesn't have a battery and it has had a few years of cost cutting measures implemented.

The real question to me is, how long until Nintendo release a cheaper 'home' version with no screen?

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