Now that it has been fully revealed, will you buy it the first day?

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Edited 2 months, 7 days ago

Poll: Now that it has been fully revealed, will you buy it the first day? (1047 votes)

Already preordered. 20%
Yes. I'll try to at least! 7%
Maybe... I don't know yet. 10%
No. I'll get it at some point though. 35%
No, and I don't plan on getting it. 28%

I know @clain4672 very recently made a poll/thread about preordering, but that was before we had the conference and really knew some stuff about it, so I wanted to pose the question if you have decided now based off of what you saw. As for me, I do plan on buying it first day only because Zelda comes out at launch, and I really want to play Breath of the Wild the first day it's out, but I don't really want to play it on the Wii U. Plus, Zelda is a good place to start since I would get it regardless at some point due to Mario and my brother would want it for Xenoblade 2. I don't preorder anything, so I can only hope that it's not sold out at the stores near me. My brother and I are going to pay for half, so it's not technically the full $299.99, but that still leaves Zelda. Other things like accessories I don't plan on getting on the first day.

Major new things we've learned to take into consideration now:

  • It comes out on March 3rd, 2017.
  • The price of the console is $299.99 in North America and 29,980 yen in Japan, while in Europe, you'll have to check your local retailer.
  • The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild is a Switch launch title.
  • A handful of newly revealed games.
  • The battery life for the screen is up to six hours.

Those are the major revelatory aspects brought up, at least to me. Alright, so who else is going to try and get it the first day?

Edit - As someone brought up a couple of days ago, it's very true that my title is incorrect about it being 'fully revealed'. There's still some stuff we don't know, unfortunately, or is unclear.

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#1 Posted by pompouspizza (1223 posts) -

I set my alarm for 6am to preorder here in the UK. I was annoyed when I found out that Amazon had delayed preorders for an hour so I didn't have to get up at 6! Anyway, I used Amazon gift cards to pay off most of it so I'm only paying £69 of the £280 price. Even if Zelda is the only game I will get at launch, it's impossible for me to say no at that price. I also think the system looks great and have faith that over the course of it's lifetime, it will have enough great games to justify the cost.

I think Zelda looks phenomenal and I'm dying to play it. I ordered the special edition.

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#2 Edited by OurSin_360 (4450 posts) -

250$ was a bit tempting, but i honestly don't have any reason to own a nintendo console anymore and 299$ is not as tempting.

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#3 Edited by Maxszy (2155 posts) -

I will buy it, it will be my first Nintendo console in a long time. I may not get it when it first comes out though. I liked a lot of what they showed, but beside Zelda I don't know what else is coming at launch. I don't need to have it if there's not much to play.

The $300 price tag is fine. I think considering it is blend between a home console and a handheld, its two birds with one stone. You don't have to buy a 3DS AND a Wii, you get both types in one. Whether or not that will pan out well for them as we go along of course we don't know but I feel that's the idea. Its less than buying both individually so it feels fair to me. I feel any hesitation with price is because Nintendo has a stigma of "lower cost" consoles at this point but you put the two together, and its more than what this is. I think the price point is right.

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#4 Posted by Tesla (2126 posts) -

Someday, but I'm not going to pay $300 for a new Zelda. I'll wait for a price drop and some games.

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#5 Edited by takayamasama (1398 posts) -

Goodness no, the launch "window" line up, as it stands now, is worse then the Wii U's! I highly doubt Mario comes out this holiday based on Nintendo's track record, so this could easily be another Nintendo console where the first year is horrible. I'm pretty amazed they seem to be walking the exact same steps as the Wii and Wii U before them. I guess the more thing's change, the more Nintendo never learns from past mistakes.

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#6 Edited by Jesus_Phish (3165 posts) -

I voted for "No. I'll get it at some point though." but really it's no and maybe I'll get it at some point. I think the idea of it is neat, but none of those games excite me.

Zelda and Mario games aren't my thing. There's plenty of stuff on the DS and I like and would've been much more interested had they shown anything that made this look like a DS I can play on a big TV and on the go.

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#7 Posted by Zor (746 posts) -

No, but I don't buy any console during its launch period. I always wait 1-2 years. With that being said, yes, I do plan on picking one up, just not sure when.

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#8 Posted by RetroMetal (459 posts) -

I really, REALLY want to own it day one, but the only thing(s) I care about are the new Mario game and Virtual Console stuff, so is it worth it.

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#9 Edited by EricSmith (1285 posts) -

I'll get one one day, but the cost is too high.

$300 for the console is fine, but:

  • $70 for the "Pro" controller, which is the only way I want to use this thing, the Joycons look uncomfortable as fuck for regular gaming.
  • $80-$100 for a good SD card of a decent size, and even then, the storage is going to be garbage.
  • $80 for a second set of Joycons if I want to play games with my roommate.

$450 for what I find to be the essentials of the console is way too goddamn much for the system. No chance I get it until it drops in price and they get a bunch more games onto that thing.

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#10 Posted by Marcsman (3597 posts) -

A pass all the way.

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#11 Posted by isomeri (2771 posts) -

I will probably buy one once there are three to five games on it I want to play. There will only be one at launch and apparently two within the first year. Maybe a year from now it'll be cheaper and the catalog more robust.

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#12 Edited by ArtisanBreads (8074 posts) -
@ericsmith said:

I'll get one one day, but the cost is too high.

$300 for the console is fine, but:

  • $70 for the "Pro" controller, which is the only way I want to use this thing, the Joycons look uncomfortable as fuck for regular gaming.
  • $80-$100 for a good SD card of a decent size, and even then, the storage is going to be garbage.
  • $80 for a second set of Joycons if I want to play games with my roommate.

$450 for what I find to be the essentials of the console is way too goddamn much for the system. No chance I get it until it drops in price and they get a bunch more games onto that thing.

Yeah all that stuff is really being overlooked. Nintendo is selling all these options hard but they all cost real money. Plus battery time. The console is made for all these options but there are cost and drawbacks associated with all of it.

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#13 Posted by Zelyre (1740 posts) -

I'll pass. I think for the most part, I've just moved on from a lot of gaming in general. If it was $250, I might have impulse purchased one for Mario Kart.

When the Wii first came out, I camped out in front of Target and missed getting one. I spent weeks trying to get one, spend a silly amount getting some Gamestop bundle or something, and played a few hours of Wii sports and a few hours of Zelda. Picked up No More Heroes and played 2-3 hours of that. Then it just sat and collected dust. Bought Super Mario Galaxy and I still have it, new and shrink wrapped...

I'd probably pick up a Nintendo platform for a 2d Metroid. Even if its another remake of Metroid and Super Metroid and if they did another Super Mario All Stars where they redid the sprites of 3 and World.

A portable device with good games for an airplane is something I'd like, but 3-4 hours won't cut it.

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#14 Posted by oldenglishc (1290 posts) -

I expect all the JRPGs that ended up the the 3DS and Vita to migrate over to this in the next couple of years, so it's something I'll have to buy sooner or later. But the launch window software does nothing to make me want to pick one up early. I can wait until the Xenoblade II launch.

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#15 Edited by EricSmith (1285 posts) -

I also forgot to mention in the "hidden costs" of the system, is that it is a third system that will have to have a paid online service. And from the wording of things, the "free" classic game you get access to expires at the end of each month. As in, you can't play it even if you keep subscribing, it is only available one month at a time.

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#16 Posted by Maginnovision (788 posts) -

This thing seems like a total scam. I guess if you really NEED nintendo games you'll get it but I'd rather buy a real console. I've been pretty down on this thing but it's partially been to help keep my expectations low and they still managed to disappoint. Does anybody think nintendo will make another console that isn't just another 3ds-line thing after this flops? Do they even have any Wii money left?

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#17 Posted by badseed (173 posts) -

I'm pretty firmly in the maybe field.

I've only pre-ordered a console once and that was the 360 and after the malfunction rate of those I'm a bit wary of dipping my toes in again.
On the other hand I've bought a lot of Nintendos handhelds at launch and they have all worked perfectly so it might be ok.

I'm not someone who needs the switch to have parity with the PS4 or XBONE and have a strong third party lineup, most of that stuff I get on the PC it's Nintendo's unique 1st party games I'm after so I'm still interested but I would have liked to hear word if any of the virtual console and digital games stuff you bought on the Wii/3DS/WiiU will be playable on the Switch.

Since it's not like Nintendo has that killer online multiplayer game that you have get in on day one it's no biggie for me to wait and hear some more impressions on it before I purchase.

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#18 Edited by sammo21 (5290 posts) -

I want that Zelda Master Edition (which you can't actually pre-order yet, just the $100 special edition) so yeah, I'll be getting a Switch. Sadly, Nintendo seemingly has no day one titles besides that so its a shit situation. You cannot even pre-order a Pro controller.

Also, there's a thread for this already.

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#19 Posted by ArbitraryWater (14683 posts) -

I will get one eventually the same way I got a Wii U eventually, because I like Nintendo's franchises and that new Mario looks good. But I can play Zelda on the Wii U and nothing else from that launch window looks like something I'd want to play.

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#20 Posted by TooSweet (506 posts) -

I actually pre-ordered mine. Thought I would wait and saw the availability and went for it. My brother who is not big on consoles even pre-ordered. I think part of the reason was his young son is now getting to the age where he wants to play some games. Looking forward to it.

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#21 Edited by probablytuna (4917 posts) -

Breath of the Wild seems cool but looking at that launch list is not very enticing....

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#22 Edited by NTM (9798 posts) -

A lot of people down on it, which sounds a lot like how I've been feeling about it (especially taking into consideration the last two Nintendo consoles [Wii and Wii U]), but more recently, I've just been reconsidering. Good point about the games being released at launch. I'm not really sure what else other than Zelda is worth buying the system for, but I know I'd get the system at some point anyways, and I want to play Zelda, so I'll just get it on release if I can. I don't think I've ever bought a system first day, mainly due to money constraints, though.

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#23 Posted by Slag (7349 posts) -

I don't feel like it has been fully revealed actually.

Don't know anything about VC backwards compatibility (I assume there is none but it's be nice to know), Storage, how the online play/friend codes/cheevos really works etc.

either way, bottom line is there just aren't enough titles at launch eventhough the stuff down the line looks cool (otoh a lot of that stuff like new SMT, Octopath etc do not look like anything that couldn't be on other systems later) to make me jump.

I'm in the same boat @arbitrarywater. Unless they show me something else, I'll just get Zelda on WiiU and wait until I see 4-5 must have Nintendo first party games.

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#24 Posted by TheHT (14303 posts) -

Definitely not, but at some point for sure. Maybe early next year.

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#25 Posted by NTM (9798 posts) -

@slag: Sorry, you're correct about that! It hasn't been fully revealed.

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#26 Posted by Chebbles (51 posts) -

Not yet, I will likely re-evaluate at the end of the year when Splatoon 2 and Mario are available. £280 is not an insignificant amount before getting a game with it on my budget, but I am still interested to follow how it does. I do wonder if it will be similar to my Wii U situation, I bought it a few years in, played the four or five games I wanted to play, gathers dust. That Zelda trailer was great though.

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#27 Posted by Fisco (197 posts) -

My Twitter feed seems to agree with my how I feel about this release: It's super interesting and exciting but the accessories are expensive, the lineup is weak, and while Zelda looks fantastic it's not enough for someone who was uninterested in the Wii U to pull the trigger yet. Maybe in December 2017 I'll be thinking differently.

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#28 Posted by Capum15 (5694 posts) -

I really wanted to but I'm now in the waiting camp. Once more stuff comes out and maybe a price drop.

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#29 Posted by TekZero (3377 posts) -

No more consoles for me. So this will be a pass.

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#30 Posted by sparky_buzzsaw (7965 posts) -

Not the first day, but I'm definitely intrigued enough by the games announced to pick it up, maybe around Black Friday or so. If SMT, Xenoblade 2, or any major time-killer other than Zelda is out by then, that'll definitely help sway me.

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#31 Edited by BtrDeadThanRed (330 posts) -

Not at 299

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#32 Posted by Slax (1083 posts) -

This is a weird one for me, as I was fairly convinced before the stream that I would be attempting to get one ASAP. I was expecting to pay $299 for the "elite" bundle so it's what I was expecting to pay (and I'm not really sure what else I would've wanted to be included) but for some reason not having a base price of $249 is a bit of a turn off. That of course wouldn't bother me so much if there were more launch games, but it's Nintendo doing Nintendo things (those controller prices!!!).

So, I'll wait until they are available, maybe a small price drop or someone to come up with a good bundle (Costco hook me up!) and I'll probably get it. I think that if all the Nintendo handheld games start coming to the Switch, they'll have enough to interest me in not too long.

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#33 Posted by sfw44 (136 posts) -

I have a lot of money saved up and I can definitely buy it but, I just quit my job. This is reckless but I will probably pre order it next week, I think I'll get a new job by the time it comes out.

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#34 Posted by sodapop7 (557 posts) -

@sfw44: I'm in the same "no job at the moment" boat but luckily my birthday is 2 days before so that's how I'm swinging it. Good luck in the hunt! Having Zelda to look forward to is definitely helping me at least.

The more I see of these games the more I like them. Hope there's more surprises in the next few months but the RPG lineup is stacked already and Mario looks awesome.

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#35 Posted by Zevvion (5217 posts) -

@fisco: Goddamnit, I've sent you away like three times now. Come back with a valid passport.

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#36 Edited by Lv4Monk (399 posts) -

Lineup looks great and Zelda is interesting enough to get me there on it's own. This thing is turning out to be damn near everything I wanted it to be and is thus pre-ordered (late enough to have me panicking as I clicked past 'sold out' after 'sold out').

Nintendo 3ds japanese mid tier developers? All major first party Nintendo games? The most exciting Zelda in years? Portable-until-it's-not 720 widescreen handheld with honest to god analog sticks? This seems like the surest bet I can find for a new console release.

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#37 Posted by Hodor (135 posts) -

I'm waiting in hopes of a holiday bundle. No packed in game, expensive controllers, no virtual console list. I was looking for a 3ds replacement with fun little multiplayer games and think it just is a little too much for that. Hoping to see SF2, Puyo Puyo Tetris, and Bomberman for $15-30 each.

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#38 Edited by Newfangled (187 posts) -

Perhaps I'm growing to be unreasonably pessimistic, but I feel like people who have pre-ordered this thing or are planning to purchase it sight-unseen in the first few months are the same people who are going to very vocally whine and raise their pitchforks at Nintendo a couple of years down the line, just like Wii U early adopters have done.

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#39 Posted by Dan_CiTi (4578 posts) -

I want to play Zelda and not a version that looks and runs like garbage so yes, I'm getting one as soon as I can.

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#40 Posted by CurseTheseMetalHands (37 posts) -

I'm somewhere between thinking I'll get it at some point and passing on it altogether. I'm still jazzed for Zelda but, man, the rest of the launch/upcoming titles leave me somewhat underwhelmed. So it's really hard to justify spending around $450 to play one game.

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#41 Posted by Fezrock (204 posts) -

Nope. I do have a hankering to play some Nintendo games again, which I haven't in a while. But I don't like the price for what I'd be getting, and there aren't much in the way of games for it at the start.

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#42 Edited by bartok (3074 posts) -

Honestly I love Zelda but Super Mario Odyssey not being a launch title kinda soured me on a day one purchase. I love other Nintendo franchises but I am a Mario platformer guy through and through.

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#43 Edited by Fisco (197 posts) -

@zevvion: Nintendo Switch so great, passport not required.

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#44 Edited by rocketblast0063 (115 posts) -

Yes, I will aim for getting a Switch at launch, or close to it.
If Super Mario Odyssey (yeah, I know, not a launch game) is half as good as Galaxy I'm happy.
And Zelda looks promising too so that's at least two good games for the console. Hopefully we also get a Super Mario Maker (2) and that's all I can ask for from a Nintendo console these days.

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#45 Edited by MissAshley (386 posts) -

I preordered a Switch and a regular copy of Breath of the Wild about an hour ago, then I came home and preordered a Special Edition of BotW from Amazon.UK. ("Yay!" for region-free!) I'm not sure what I'll do with my extra copy of the game. I'll have to open my NA copy if I want to play on Day 1, but the PAL copy may be a small annoyance to offload.

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#46 Posted by cikame (1849 posts) -

I still haven't bought a WiiU for Bayonetta 2, i can't bring myself to buy Nintendo consoles for individual games, maybe eventually it will be a more tempting purchase but for the foreseeable future there isn't anything interesting happening on the Switch.

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#47 Posted by Teddie (1491 posts) -

I voted "No and I don't plan on it", but it's more of a "No and maybe I'll buy it if there are ever more than 2 exclusives that interest me". I'm just gonna get Breath of the Wild for the Wii U, so there's literally nothing on launch day I'd even want to play on the thing. Outside of that the new Mario looks cool, but it's not enough.

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#48 Posted by Nev (688 posts) -

Nope, and no plans to. Zelda is the only thing I have any interest in, and I intend to play it on Wii U. (Which I only bought a year ago for cheap.)

Nothing they've shown for this thing is sparking any interest in me. Quite the opposite, in fact, as some parts of it seem downright crazy.

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#49 Edited by fnrslvr (409 posts) -

I was on-board the preorder train just on the strength of Zelda, but geez, 470 kangaroo dollars for the console alone is hard. There's basically no good reason for that extra $70 to be tacked onto the price given that the exchange rate would put it at $400 (and apparently the Japanese market is getting it for even less!), it feels like Nintendo is fucking Australia because they can. If I also want the uber collectors edition of Zelda (because hey, it's Zelda) then I'm up to nearly $700., I guess I'll probably buy in anyway, because Zelda. I paid this kind of money for KI, so I've demonstrated that I'm basically a sucker if the thing matters enough to me.

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#50 Posted by Teddie (1491 posts) -

@fnrslvr: You think that's bad, it's $550NZD. Truly we're living the dream down here.

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