Which Wii U game would like to see ported to the Switch the most at this point?

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Posted by liquiddragon (3449 posts) 7 months, 17 hours ago

Poll: Which Wii U game would like to see ported to the Switch the most at this point? (108 votes)

TLOZ: Twilight Princess HD 1%
TLOZ: Wind Waker HD 14%
Pikmin 3 7%
Super Mario 3D World 10%
Super Mario Maker 28%
Tokyo Mirage Session 21%
The Wonderful 101 3%
Xenoblade Chronicles X 9%
Others 3%
Poll 4%

I really want to play 3D World, Tokyo Mirage Session, and The Wonderful 101 so I'm really hoping they'll get ported but I guess I could settle with just 3D World...

Which one of these would you like to play the most and want to see on the Switch?

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#1 Posted by Bollard (8180 posts) -

It's Mario Maker, and always has been.

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#2 Posted by FrodoBaggins (2083 posts) -

Either TMS because I never got round to playing it or Mario Maker because it would fit so perfectly. 3D World, however, is the best game on that list.

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#3 Posted by Shiftygism (1020 posts) -

The Pikmin trilogy getting a release would be nice.

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#4 Posted by deckard (359 posts) -

3D World for me, either/both Zeldas for my wife.

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#6 Posted by cikame (2857 posts) -

The Mario Galaxy's... those arn't Wii U games are they...

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#7 Posted by Froghourt (179 posts) -

Pikmin for me, it is one of those franchises that I almost completely have missed but always wanted to play.

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#8 Edited by cloudymusic (2132 posts) -

All of the above tbh, but my main picks would be Mario Maker (obviously), the Zelda HD remasters, and Xenoblade X.

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#9 Posted by TheFlamingo352 (360 posts) -

I greatly prefer linear platformers to the open-ended navigation of Odyssey and its ilk, so between that and all the good praise it gets I *really* wanna get my hands on Mario World 3D somewhere beside Wii U.

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#10 Posted by inevpatoria (7451 posts) -

Super Mario Maker is far and away the best game of the past decade and deserves to be rereleased but I’m not sure how they would make the creation aspect of the game work when docked.

100%. Mario Maker is, by a mile, the game I most want to see get a second renaissance. But there is a functional barrier in the way of the translation. Building content just wouldn't be as fun, or as simple, without constant access to a touchscreen. Nintendo could feasibly make the half-step to prioritize controller support for the level design suite. But, again, it's just not what made that part of Mario Maker so accessible.

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#11 Posted by Gazoinks (108 posts) -

Mario Maker. MARIO MAKER. MARIO. MAKER. I never got a chance to play it, and it seems like a really fun fit for the Switch.

Also, not a WiiU game, but I'd love to see a Mario Galaxy 1 & 2 pack for Switch. I've been really wanting to play those again, and I don't have access to a Wii or WiiU anymore.

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#12 Edited by ArbitraryWater (15725 posts) -

More people should play Tokyo Mirage Sessions. It's a bonkers musical JRPG about the Japanese entertainment industry that is somehow also a crossover between Fire Emblem and Shin Megami Tensei. Unfortunately, think it's probably the second least likely game on this poll to get a Switch port. (The first is Wonderful 101)

Still, I'd suffice for Mario Maker to come back, even if I feel like that game is way more exciting when you have a public platform and can actively make people (i.e. Patrick Klepek) bang their heads against the levels you made. After a certain point, it felt like half of the 100 mario challenge mostly involved self-playing levels and masocore troll garbage. I wish it was a little more curated.

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#13 Posted by ltcolumbo (168 posts) -

The only Zelda game I have finished in the last 20 years is the 3D one on the 3DS, so I’d love another crack at Windwaker. BotW was great but after 40 hours I was done with it.

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#14 Posted by glots (4361 posts) -

Either Zelda, I suppose. The rest are kinda whatever.

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#15 Edited by FacelessVixen (2636 posts) -

Easy pick: Tokyo Mirage Sessions. It's pretty much a hidden gem just by virtue of being on the WiiU. Sure, the same could be said for Wonderful 101, but I personally have a stronger attachment to things that are in the same vein as Persona.

Also, how is Mario Maker going to effectively work on the Switch if, last I heard sometime last year, that Nintendo doesn't want Switch games to split screens between the Switch and a TV?

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