Be honest, when you first learned of the 2DS did you think it was a joke?

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Posted by mikey87144 (2102 posts) 3 years, 6 months ago

Poll: Be honest, when you first learned of the 2DS did you think it was a joke? (371 votes)

Yes 76%
No 24%

Let me make this clear I'm not criticizing the product. It's just I saw it scroll across twitter and honest to god thought it was a joke. The Joystiq article even has to say "This is not a joke.:

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#1 Posted by Itwongo (1735 posts) -

When I saw it on twitter, I thought it was a typo, given the context of the tweet. Then I saw Jeff make the same typo, and I knew something was up.

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#2 Posted by zeddis (23 posts) -

Yeah I did. It looked really fake at first and it took a while to recognize that this wasn't a joke. But now I kind of like get it, it was just hard to swallow at first.

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#3 Edited by TheManWithNoPlan (7003 posts) -

Yep. I still think it is.

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#4 Edited by Reiken (9 posts) -

It sounds like a joke but at the same time it sounds good to me. I've never really been a fan of 3d. Bothers my eyes a lot.

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#5 Posted by MachoFantastico (6283 posts) -

Yes, and sort of no. Nintendo seem lost as hell right now. The idea of a 3D less 3DS seems neat in my opinion to cut costs down, but the thing looks simply awful. Controls are going to be clunky as hell and it does not look comfortable to hold from the pictures they've released.

Why not just stick with the fold up design. I know they've had some issues with it but it still looks a bazillion times better. I might have seriously considered a purchase if it was the same design as the 3DS.

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#6 Posted by MysteriousBob (6262 posts) -

Yes but it didn't help that I first saw it on Tumblr.

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#7 Posted by probablytuna (4917 posts) -

The name makes it sound like it's a step down from 3DS (which it is), but doesn't that just make it a DS? As much as I think how dumb the name is, the handheld itself is even more dumb.

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#8 Edited by Seppli (11232 posts) -

At first I thought there's a typo in your thread title, because I didn't know of glasses-less 3D monitors at the time, and thought you meant if I thought the 3DS was some kind of joke when I first heard about it. I was quite incredulous, but I did take it seriously back then.

I also thought I should make a joke about those fine women who were chained to the 3DS systems at the announcement, and imply they might have been sex workers and how funny that is, coming from Nintendo. Then again this entire *Too Much Information* torrent of words is utterly pointless.

If I'd known the 2DS was a thing, yes, I'd have thought it a joke. Then again, I might pick one up if it goes super-cheap (99$ or so), to play some Fire Emblem on it. It's been too long since I enjoyed the GBA iteration of it on my GBA-addon for the Gamecube. I need to get my Saint of Swords on.

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#9 Posted by Gamer_152 (14480 posts) -

No. Because of the context I saw it in, I knew it was a real story, but I have to admit a lot of this still looks like what you'd see coming out of gaming sites on April 1st. The hokey name is one thing, but that advert they point out for it is just silly.

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#10 Edited by Rhaknar (6299 posts) -

when i saw the headline I thought "yay I system for me since I cant see 3d anyway" and then I saw the design and laughed >_>

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#11 Edited by maskedarcstrike (792 posts) -

@probablytuna: I dunno I think it's pretty great for gamers who can't see 3d due to various reasons but don't want to pay for the effect.

The design would be ok if it wasn't fatter on the bottom part of it.

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#12 Edited by ArbitraryWater (14684 posts) -

It still sounds like a parody of Nintendo hardware revisions in my head, like it should be a dumb april fools article or something.

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#13 Edited by awesomeusername (4606 posts) -

Saw it on GameInformer and knew it was real but they pointed out it wasn't a joke to. I wanted to gouge my eyes out.

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#15 Edited by Redbullet685 (6453 posts) -

Saw Jeff re-tweet one of Rich Gallup's tweets and was surprised to find out this is a real thing.

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#16 Posted by Gruebacca (813 posts) -

In the context of first hearing this news from nontraditional media sources, it definitely sounds like a joke. The bizarre look and seemingly downgraded name makes it hard to take seriously at first glance, like it's some kind of funny entry in a photoshop thread.

Who knows? Maybe the targeted younger audience doesn't care, and this could be a huge hit.

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#17 Edited by xyzygy (10595 posts) -

I think it looks really fucking neat.

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#18 Edited by OurSin_360 (4453 posts) -

Well, i just learned of it from this thread, looked up what it was, saw it, and question whether it's a joke or not.

I guess you could say the same about the wii U though, i have no idea why they would make this system.

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#19 Posted by Corvak (1820 posts) -

I did a check to make sure it wasn't from that parody news site.

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#20 Posted by hockeymask27 (3696 posts) -

The idea know but then I saw the picture and had my doubts.

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#21 Posted by MocBucket62 (1849 posts) -

Yes I did but its real and knowing Nintendo and their success with handheld devices, they might pull this off. But we'll see about that.

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#22 Edited by Oscar__Explosion (2951 posts) -

Seeing the headline I believed it. When I saw the picture of the unit itself I thought it was a joke.

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#23 Posted by slyspider (1753 posts) -

Until I see a kid walking around with one it wont be real. And when I do see that kid, I will relentlessly laugh and point at him/her no matter the age. Who the fuck told Nintendo that the clam shell (one of the best handheld models ever) was the issue with the 3ds? Seriously fess up.

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#24 Edited by papercut (4097 posts) -

I thought it was just a lazy photoshop.

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#25 Edited by FriendlyPhoenix (648 posts) -

I first heard about it on Twitter and thought it was joke. Then I saw a picture of it and really thought it was a joke.

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#26 Edited by slyspider (1753 posts) -

Until I see a kid walking around with one it wont be real. And when I do see that kid, I will relentlessly laugh and point at him/her no matter the age. Who the fuck told Nintendo that the clam shell (one of the best handheld models ever) was the issue with the 3ds? Seriously fess up.

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#27 Edited by lyisa (444 posts) -

I thought it was real, even wish I had waited and gotten that instead, until I saw it.

It doesn't even look fun to hold.

Wait, aren't there moments in Super Mario 3d Land that require 3d?

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#28 Edited by Marokai (3577 posts) -

It's still a joke, don't worry.

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#29 Edited by WinterSnowblind (7598 posts) -

Yeah, although I don't necessarily think it's a bad idea, especially with the upcoming release of Pokemon X & Y. I get the feeling it's going to do very well for them.

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#30 Posted by newmarcom (318 posts) -

Who the fuck told Nintendo that the clam shell (one of the best handheld models ever) was the issue with the 3ds? Seriously fess up.

I imagine stockholders. Fewer separate pieces means lower cost of production, meaning more profit for investors. And the club Nintendo surveys probably contributed to the 2DS with people answering "I don't use the 3D in the game".

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#31 Edited by zedman (145 posts) -

At first I thought it was great a cheap 3ds for the kids £109 pounds, then I checked the price of a pre owned 3ds in my local store £99 pounds what the fuck Nintendo if people want a cheap 3ds there going to get a pre owned one not a non foldable, cheap looking, mono sounding piece of garbage

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#32 Posted by Chaser324 (8080 posts) -

Yeah, I saw someone mention the 2DS on Twitter, and I totally thought it was some sort of joke.

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#33 Posted by MattyFTM (14804 posts) -

I saw it on BBC news, so no.

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#34 Edited by pr1mus (4158 posts) -

No but i probably would have if i saw it first from a less serious source.

I still think the design is a joke though.

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#35 Edited by Nux (2759 posts) -

I heard about it from Kessler on his twitter. So, yes I did think it was a joke.

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#36 Posted by butano (1997 posts) -

Not at first, thought it was brilliant, but then read that it didn't have the clamshell build.

If it did have a clamshell build at that price, I would've gotten one.

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#37 Posted by linkster7 (1247 posts) -

Yep, saw a tweet, thought it was a kinda stupid joke. But they ain't Nintendo if they ain't shit at naming stuff.

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#38 Posted by Franstone (1455 posts) -

I saw it quick first on Jeff's twitter feed here and I thought it was a typo...

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#39 Posted by VoodooTatum (106 posts) -

@xyzygy said:

I think it looks really fucking neat.

Hey Nintendo! I found the one guy!

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#40 Edited by noblenerf (510 posts) -

When I first read about it, I thought it was a very bad joke.

The joke's on me.

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#41 Posted by TwoArmed (140 posts) -

I immediately asked myself if it was an April Fool's joke before realizing that that would be stupid in August.

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#42 Posted by urban_ryoga (107 posts) -

Considering I heard the news first from a joke twitter account, yes I thought it was a joke.

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#43 Posted by TheHT (14307 posts) -

I saw it on the front page of Gamespot with the headline "Nintendo 2DS Launching...", so no.

I did think its design was a joke though. It looks really dumb, but I'm fine with the idea. I'm not into 3D, but have been interested in a lot of 3DS games, so if I can save some money by skimping on a feature, great. But thinking back to all those times Brad has said "it looks way better with the 3D on" makes me wonder if it's a worthwhile trade.

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#44 Posted by ShaggE (8394 posts) -

These are the folks what named the WiiU. They could've called it the "Game Boy 2D" and I wouldn't have batted an eye.

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#45 Posted by TooWalrus (13391 posts) -

I figured it was a way to refer to the original DS or something.

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#46 Posted by BeachThunder (14576 posts) -
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#47 Posted by mlarrabee (3849 posts) -

Removing the clamshell design, while reducing production costs, makes that thing look like one of those Leapfrog Learning tablets.

And I love how the announcement page on is under /3ds/new/.

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#48 Edited by sparky_buzzsaw (7965 posts) -

As a low-vision gamer who can't use the 3D feature on my 3DS, I think it's an awesome idea, but a terribly cheap and shitty looking design. I'd definitely shell out $120 for a 2DS and give my 3DS to my brother if it didn't look so damned terrible.

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#49 Posted by Kerned (1185 posts) -

I definitely thought it was a joke. I actually think the idea of a non-3D 3DS is a good one, but man is that thing ugly. Also, the name is terrible. It's the sort of name that should have been brought up in the first round of marketing meetings and then immediately dismissed.

Some variant of this will be said, repeatedly, this holiday season: "I bought my grandson this 2DS, but I can't find any games to go with it. There are lots of 3DS games, but he doesn't have that one..."

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#50 Posted by Slaegar (837 posts) -

I thought it was some fan mock up. It looks like copy and pasted bits from a 3DS XL.

No Caption Provided
No Caption Provided

The old PSP2 mock ups almost look more reasonable.

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