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Nintendo isn't failing. They went outside the box like they do once a decade and their fans are in such shock it backfired. IT HAPPENS EVERY FUCKING TIME and now we are in for another few decades of the same old shit.

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I'm not a Nintendo fan and I don't care they are failling. At most I'm their client, and if they aren't capable of presenting products worth getting then why should I care? I'll just go over to who can give me what I'm after.

I can grow an attachment to such developer, but giving the situation more than a thought seems too much.

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This isn't really any different to the negative posts about Nintendo failing. Don't sweat it. They have $14billion in the bank, enough to last 30 bad years of the loss they made last year. They have a new console coming out, a little late, but still, coming this year. The 3DS is going gangbusters and will very soon stop the very small loss they make on it. There is no gloom. Don't believe the hype.

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I wan't to say this is a knee-jerk reaction to the poorly-made other thread about Nintendo apparently failing but alas, it could all be coincidental. Just rest assured OP, Nintendo will be with us for at least one more cycle and they seem financially secure so far despite that one loss so far.

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Nintendo aren't failing, they just didn't handle the transition from Wii to Wii U well. They'll be fine, they always seem to find a way to carry on and they've got plenty of money. As for you 'not minding' them falling out of the hardware business, well yeah Sega did it, but they've been kinda lame since that happened (I mostly liked them in the 16Bit era, Megadrive and Arcades). I'm pretty sure they'll be in the hardware business for the forseeable future, undercooked hardware and gimmicks notwithstanding, and the 3DS is doing well enough but will never be a DS level success I would say.

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They're not failing. The news about their losses are only significant since it's the FIRST time they actually did not make money in 30 years, if I recall correctly.

This does not mean they are in debt all of a sudden, this just means they swim in slightly less huge pools of $$$. It happens when you take risks (-> preparing for new hardware launch, 3DS price debacle).

Media outlets just love to exaggerate things for no reason.

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@ChrisTobin said:

I have nothing against the GameCube, I enjoyed it when it was a relevant system, but it is a completely unremarkable system in terms of hardware. For Nintendo it added a second joystick (oh snap!).

No it didn't. All I see is a yellow nipple marked ''C''.

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