Nintendo Pre-E3 presentation

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Not sure how many people have seen this video - just stumbled across it myself:

It's a short presentation mostly focused on the controller and some social-networking functions that will be part of the Wii-U.

I really want to be excited, but uniqueness is no longer the selling feature it once was for me. I rode the uniqueness train with the first Wii and it didn't get me anywhere. There's some really cool functionality in the controller, but I can't shake the feeling that I'm the wrong audience for Nintendo's games nowadays - maybe that's just a case of being gun-shy because my Wii is still sitting in my basement since I moved in 2009.

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I've never been a huge Nintendo fan, but always respected their games and the impact they've had on the industry. Your not alone in Nintendo needing to win over the more hardcore, it's ended up hurting them bad not having a constant hardcore crowd later on in the Wii's life. 
That said, so far what Nintendo have shown as given me more optimism for the Wii U. Wait and see the games of course, but liking what they've shown... even if it's a little weird. That new Xbox like controller is a big one for me as I can imagine having hand problems with the GamePad. So far so solid, but wait till the games get shown. But the idea of an HD Nintendo console excited me from the beginning as no one does art design like Nintendo.

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The video of the 'gamer dude' with 'random zombie shooter number 7' and 'terrible, terrible, acting' is this crazy combination of being self-aware and occasionally funny with deeply troubling cringe-worthy moments. Hope the press conference brings back the gaming grandpa and the game with a pixelated picture of a gun as its icon.

Nintendo might have another hit, here. The Wii remote used a form people understood (remote controls) with a form no one was using well (motion control) and made something special. This controller is doing the same things with tablets and social media. There is something intuitive about the interaction between the gamepad and the TV.

Also, that whole presentation was far too cute for its own good. I kinda love that. Nintendo has millions of dollars, but they are still pitching us on philosophy and caring about each other instead of shiny tech. The starkness of standing in front of the Japanese characters worked for me.

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How about the gamecube controller? that looks extremely similar to the Xbox one when it comes to the button layout (no one acused either microsoft or nintendo back then of copying each other).

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PS: I posted it in the wrong thread. Sorry about that.

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I believe that Nintendo will continue to hit their stride with the possibilities the Wii U has to offer. That controller might signify the return of Nintendo's roots as a platform catering to core gamers.

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I thought it was a really good presentation, I admit I skipped through every now and then as his speech was a bit flowery, but the stuff they were showing looked interesting and the little skit wasn't actually that bad ... I'm optimistic. I'm definitely looking forward to the nintendo main show now, and I wasn't before at all.

Not sure I'll buy another nintendo console after the wii anytime soon though, the line up would have to be AMAZING.

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This is looking like my first Day 1 console purchase ever (mostly because I have money now, but still). I am very impressed with what Nintendo has shown and it looks like a great stopgap to ease the transition from the 360/PS3 to the next-gen consoles. I've always had a special place in my heart for Nintendo consoles, and their first party games are always always always top-notch.

If Nintendo can gain third-party support, which it looks like they should be able to with their Pro Controller, and doesn't charge more than $300 for the hardware, then Nintendo might surprise some people with just how successful they are in the next gen.

Now if only they wised up and allowed for more than one WiiU GamePad per console...

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