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Theres a lot to unpack in a short amount of time but I think it looks great. I was a bit worried after the anouncement that they were going to reign it in a bit since all they said was it going to have a character creator, and to me this was signalling 'it'll be even more soulsy' not so apparently. This shit looks wild and i'm all for it.

It isnt a graphical powerhouse (and neither was the first) but hopefully that means it still performs well on consoles.

The closed alpha runs from May 24th to June 2nd. Invites seems to be random but i'm sure they'll have an open beta later like the first game did.

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#2 Posted by Rorie (5881 posts) -

Huh, didn't realize they had already announced this. Never got very far into the first one!

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#3 Posted by Gundato (333 posts) -

Oooh. Me like. And it looks like oumyo builds may actually be viable this time

I think Nioh may actually be my favorite souls game. Not as much combat variety as I would like, but the loot mechanics and the overall presentation really work and I think it was the best take on dodge-heavy combat yet (Sekiro has issues. Bloodborne was too simple).

I just hope it is more like the base game and not the DLC. I did a replay on PC for better graphics and to finally do the DLC. Bosses feel "incomplete" and a lot of the enemies just feel dicky for the sake of being dicky. And the infinite dungeon's floors are just way too long for casual play.

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#4 Posted by Shindig (4964 posts) -

Looking forward to it. I bought the DLC about a year ago and haven't had the courage to start a new save. That's the thing about Nioh that I love and hate in equal measure, really. There's so much of it.

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#5 Posted by MerxWorx01 (883 posts) -

I'm all in. Going to make a Dual sword Kunoichi Demon Lady. Hopefully this comes out soon. Loved the first one, if they decide to expand and layer on more mechanics on top of the original game, all the better.

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#6 Posted by TheRealTurk (578 posts) -

Looks worlds better than Sekiro turned out, that's for sure.

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#7 Posted by TheHT (15875 posts) -

skipped the first one. this looks great! character creator too is nice.

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Seems more fluid than the first; bigger focus on style and natural-looking combos compared to the stiff ones in og Ni-Oh.

If I can be a magical lady with a giant snake guardian spirit and a double-bladed kusarigama, I'll die a happy ninja.

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#9 Posted by NTM (11872 posts) -

Cool. I'm sure I'll get it unless it turns out to be a big mess. I've always kind of wanted to play the first games DLC, but never got around to it.

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#10 Posted by liquiddragon (3526 posts) -

This looks dope. Makes me want to maybe start playing the 1st one...

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Can't wait for this. The first game was fantastic and I happily got the Plat trophy and played all the DLCs. Can't wait to see how the demon transformation stuff changes gameplay

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I remember the alpha from the last game didn't do the game justice at all, ended up way better than i thought. Burned out on it though, hopefully they tune the weapon leveling stuff down a bit.

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#13 Posted by Relkin (1214 posts) -

I've yet to play the first game (i'm years behind), but the sheer variety of moves at your disposal looks fucking rad.

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#14 Posted by Captain_Insano (3533 posts) -

I played a big chunk of the first one but dropped off of it. Sekiro I stuck with the whole way. Not sure why, I do remember Nioh being pretty fun and bloody tough

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Nioh was fantastic. Will definatly buy this.

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#16 Posted by someoneproud (630 posts) -

Enjoyed the first one a lot, looking forward to playing this one too and I can't chuffing wait to make a custom samurai.

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