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    Nirn is a High-Fantasy setting that encompasses all thirteen Elder Scrolls games. It was first introduced in "Arena."

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    Nirn is essentially a planet floating in the void of Oblivion, or ' space'. Nirn is the mortal plane/planet. There are numerous theories on the subject of Nirns creation. Some believe Lorkhan(whose bones form the physical body of Nirn)forced the Original Spirits to create the mortal plane for his own desires. Another theory is that Lorkhan tricked the Original Spirits to create Nirn. Both are neither true nor false.


    The creation of Nirn and life began as Anu and Padomay (the brothers) entered the void, this is also when time began. As Anu and Padomay wandered the mortal plane, the interplay of light and darkness between the brothers created the physical body of Nirn. Both Anu and Padomay loved Nirn, but, naturally Nirn loved only Anu. Padomay was distraught by this news, and out of disappointment and jealousy retreated from the mortal plane.

    Nirn became pregnant, but before she gave birth, Padomay returned to attempt to win her love. She told him she did not love him, only Anu. Out of rage, Padomay attacked her. Anu returned, and they fought, Anu defeated Padomay and cast him outside time. Shortly after, Nirn gave birth to creation, but died from injuries. Grieving, Anu hid in the Sun.

    Life appeared and was flourishing. After many ages, Padomay returned to time, he saw life and hated it. He drew his sword and essentially 'shattered' creation. Anu returned, and the brothers fought a second and final time. After a long and furious battle, Anu came out the victor. Anu believed his brother to be dead. But Padomay was alive. But just barely. Anu was attempting to save creation when Padomay rose and stabbed Anu through the chest, Anu fought and was able to pull them both outside of time.

    The blood of Padomay became the Daedra, capable only of evil, the blood of Anu became the stars, the mixed blood of both became the Aedra, capable of free thought.

    'We are now at the halfway point of our disjointed epic. If you are just arriving, you have missed little.'

    - Fools Ebony, Part Three

    Only two sentient organisms survived the catastrophic events of the planets being destroyed and then reshaped. A type of Elf (mer) that is thought to be a direct ancestor of the Altmer and a mystical plant called the Hist Tree. The Hist were a very hard tree and, in some circumstances, known to be able to make decisions. The elves were split into two. The ones that survived within the ruins of their citys began to thrive and eventually became the Bosmer (wood elf), Altmer (high elf), Dunmer (dark elf), Falmer (ice/frost elf), Dwemer (stone elf) and Ayleid (Heartland elves). Whereas the elves that weren't within the cities stayed within a wilderness of brutal conditions, when these elves eventually found their cities, they were shunned and not allowed back into society. The elves became the Nords, who in turn sprouted off into the Imperials, Bretons, Redguard. Meaning the Nords were the first humans in all of Nirn. A number of beast still roamed the wilderness, and from these the beasts of Nirn evolved to suit their environment; the Khajiit and the Argonians. The Orsimer (orcs) came from mer, but not naturally. Their name translates to 'Pariah folk'. During the first era an Aldmeri god name Trinimac was defeated by the Daedric Lord Boethiah. Some stories go as far as Boethiah eating Trinimac. This, apparently, tansformed Trinimac into Malacath. Malacath went onto transforming his followers into Orcs.

    The Continents:

    Nirn contains all but five continents: Tamriel, Akavir, Pyandonea, Atmora,Yokuda and Aldmeris(or 'Old Ehlnofey').

    Tamriel is the main continent and is the setting of the Elder Scrolls games. Tamriel is split into the following provinces:

    Akavir is split into four provinces with no central governing body:

    • Kamal
    • Tsaesci
    • Tang Mo
    • Ka Po' Tun
    The only known map showing Yokuda.
    The only known map showing Yokuda.

    Atmora is a continent north of Tamriel and the original homeland of the Nedes and Nords.

    A detailed map depicting the continents of Nirn
    A detailed map depicting the continents of Nirn

    Aldmeris was the original home of the Altmer. Nobody knows the exact reason the Altmer left, though some believe it came under attack during the Merethic Era. The location of Aldmeris is not known, but the fact the Altmer first settled the Summerset Isles suggests it may be south of Tamriel.

    Yokuda was an island continent west of Tamriel that sank into the sea long ago. The Redguards who inhabited this island blame themselves for its demise; they would later move to Hammerfell before spreading out across Tamriel. Aside from a few texts, not much is known about Akavir, Atmora and Yokuda.

    Akavir and Tamriel:

    It should be noted that Uriel V launched an invasion of Akavir in 3E 288 and failed after being killed in the Battle of Ionith. Than in 1E 2702 Akaviri pirates attacked the city of Wayrest, but that was only the prelude to a massive Akaviri invasion of Tamriel. They seige and take stretegic points and remain an unstoppable force until Reman I rallies the Clovian and Nibenay Valley troops, the two armies meet at Pale Pass and Reman I's combined army forces the Akaviri menace to retreat.

    Numerous years later, Reman III was assassinated by an Akaviri traitor, the Tsaesci potentate, Versidue-Shaie became the monarch leader of the Empire. The following years brought rebellion from local governments. The Empire was crumbling and Versidue-Shaie attempts, and succeeds, to abolish the rebellion. Though successful, monarch Versidue-Shaie faces more trouble; the war depleted the Imperial treasury and the legion left decimated, towns are damaged and destroyed.

    "The Cyrodiil line is dead," announced the Potentate to the crowd gathered beneath the Speaker's Balcony of the Imperial Palace. "But the Empire lives."

    - 2920, the Last Year of the First Era

    To prevent anarchy Dinieras-Ves, kin of Versidue-Shaie heads a mercenary order, Syffim(eventually renamed the 'Fighters Guild'), to keep peace. After hundreds of years of ruling tamriel, Versidue-Shaie is assassinated by the 'Morag Tong'. Successor Savirien-Chorak outlaws the 'Morag Tong'. Ex-members of the 'Morag Tong' form a new guild, The Dark Brotherhood. In 2E 430 Savirien-Chorak is assassinated by the new-form guild of assasins. This event marks the end of the 2nd Era, and the end of Akaviri rule over Tamriel

    Space, Cosmology and religion

    The two moons, Masser and Secunda
    The two moons, Masser and Secunda

    Not much is known about the universe Nirn resides in. Though, it is known that space is infinite and the plane(t)s are essentially the spirits/gods.

    Moons, planets and suns

    Nirn has two moons, Masser and Secunda. The two moons use to be white and devoid of features. Now they are slowly dying and decaying. What the moons are and how they came to be will be told in greater detail later o n.


    Masser was first studied and named by the Aldmeri. It was originally known, as 'Jode', later named 'Masser' in the Imperial society. Masser(and Secunda) is an important religious figure in the more remote, reclusive clans of Khajiit.


    Secunda also was first named and studied by the Aldmeri. It was known as 'Jone', it would later be reconized as Secunda in the Imperial world. Secunda is also an important religious figure for the Khajiit.


    The various constellations are:

    • The apprentice
    • The Atronach
    • The Lade
    • The Lord
    • The lover
    • The Tower
    • The Steed
    • The Warrior
    • The Mage
    • The Ritual
    • The Serpent
    • The Shadow
    • The Thief


    The Nine Divines:


    • Almalexia
    • Vivec
    • Sotha Sil

    Bosmer Gods:

    • Auri-El,
    • Y'ffre
    • Arkay
    • Z'en
    • Xarxes
    • Baan Dar
    • Mara
    • Stendarr
    • Lorkhan
    • Herma-Mora
    • Jone
    • Jode

    Altmer Gods:

    • Auri-El
    • Trinimac
    • Magnus
    • Syrabane
    • Y'ffre, Xarxes
    • Mara
    • Stendarr
    • Lorkha
    • Phynaster

    Breton Gods:

    • Akatosh
    • Magnus
    • Y'ffre
    • Dibella
    • Arkay
    • Zenithar
    • Mara
    • Stendarr
    • Kynareth
    • Julianos
    • Sheor
    • Phynaster

    Dunmer Gods:

    • Almalexia
    • Vivec
    • Sotha Sil
    • Boethiah
    • Mephala
    • Azura
    • Lorkhan
    • Nerevar
    • Molag Bal
    • Malacath
    • Sheogorath
    • Mehrunes Dagon

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