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Nitro is a topdown racer that up to 3 people can play together against a computer opponent using a combination of joysticks and keyboard. There are 32 levels to complete.


Instead of races being timed like most racing games, players race until their gas runs out. At the start of the game, players are given 2000 gas points. As the player drives, the gas points decrease. If the player's gas points reach zero, the game ends.

Players choose the character they'd like to play and the type of vehicle although neither seem to bear any difference in the races. A 3 character name is chosen at this stage to identify the player. The game doesn't conform to standard barriers and many shortcuts can be found. Various hazards appear on the road that will slow you down if not avoided.

In between races players have a chance to upgrade their vehicles in the shop. Player's earn cash for winning races and can pick up random money that floats by on the track.

One interesting gameplay element is displayed during the night levels where the entire level is black save for a circle of light emitted by the vehicle's headlights. These tracks prove the most challenging since there are shortcuts and the player can easily get turned around without realizing it.


The music should be mentioned as it was very good for it's time. Chunky synthesized guitars and drum beats keep the pace of the race going strong.



  • Race Car
  • Sports Car
  • Buggie

Tracks sections

  • City
  • Forest
  • Desert
  • Apocalyptic Landscape


  • Cyborg Clint Eastwood
  • Cyborg Sylvester Stalone
  • Cyborg Arnold Schwarzenegger


  • Gas (price 1)
  • Nitro Boost
  • Fix Damage (price 1)
  • Hi Speed (price 4)
  • Accelerate (price 3)
  • Traction (price 2)


  • Red pylons (stop car for a second)
  • Red patches (slow car down)
  • Blue patches (spin out of control)

In Race Items

  • Cash
  • Gas
  • Nitros


Coding and Design: Jamie Woodhouse
Support Code: Phil Betts
Maps: Jaimie Woodhouse
Additional Maps: Chris Stanley
Music & FX: Sound Images
Production: Steve Riding

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