Am I doing it right?

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So I picked up No Man's Sky a couple of months back before the last really big update. I played a good 40 hours and was keen on going through the story and building out my base, hoping to start a farm and make some money that way ... didn't really know what I was doing and playing on the survival difficulty.

Then the update happened, I found myself in a place I couldn't recognize with materials that weren't worth anything and a whole new economy. The first place on landed on hoping to get my base back basically trapped me in an endless loop of death due to the lack of resources and my inability to get off the planet or upload my base. I was pretty annoyed ... so I picked up Horizon Zero Dawn and licked my wounds.

I've come back to the game fresh and I'm noticing that the story is mostly the same and so Im not interested exactly. I'm thinking to basically start myself up with a good base and maybe a frigate and then head out and see whats to offer ... but then I started thinking ... is there anything out there? Is the grind and scan game that could go on forever (not necessarily a bad thing) or is there anything outside of the story or the economy to look forward to? The game does not do a good job at all in telling you whats over the horizon ... am I doing it right?

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Sadly, that's No Man's Sky. It's just an exploration game, wrapped up in crafting and survival mechanics. If you're not into those features, you're not going to be into NMS.

I don't play it much, but when I do, I only grind/craft enough to support the continued exploration. I think there's something magical about just flying around and seeing new worlds, then wandering round on the surface and looking at the views, life, caves, etc.

There's no real purpose, other than seeing shit. It's like a holiday. You fly to New Zealand to see some mountains, but you don't actually get anything out of it besides witnessing the beauty.

Depending on your perspective, it's either the most awesome game ever, or completely lame.

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Man its probably time to let NMS go, its not what we thought it might have been. Not terrible, but directionless and clunky.

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Noah Caldwell Gervais did a video about this exact thing that might interest you.

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