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The most sexually comfortable game ever made. 3

  No More Heroes was Suda51’s love letter to himself. Here was a game starring a selfish and flawed hero with interests in pedophiliac anime, Mexican Lucha Libre, Star Wars and his pet cat. He engaged in a ranking war with assassins (that are never seen assassinating anyone but their fellow kind) and his motivations can best be summed up as “he is a male with a penis.” Call it self-indulgent but there was something very refreshing about No More Heroes’ non-conformist style. In a world rife with...

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Just as Bitter as it Sweet - No More Heroes 2. 2

No More Heroes 2 Desperate Struggle Publisher: Ubisoft Developer: Grasshopper Manufacturer Platform: Wii  Its predecessor is the reason I call my Wii the "No More Heroes Machine". Reception for the first No More Heroes was pretty mixed. The game stood out in its simple combat, efficient motion control use and overall stylized atmosphere. However, features such as the free roaming over world and dull side mission system took away from an otherwise solid title. It seems that Grasshopper Manufactur...

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No More Heroes 2: The Mish-Mash of Improvements and Experiments 5

No More Heroes 2: Desperate Struggle is an odd sequel to an already odd game. The original game was one that was simultaneously charming and gruesome, humorous and unflinching, but also one with quirks both deliberate and unintentional. Enjoying it was a matter of coming to terms with that and, like with most Grasshopper Manufacture games, being able to appreciate it on its own terms. Desperate Struggle is therefore a game with opportunities a plenty to improve upon an interesting foundation and...

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Cranberry chocolate sundae! 0

The original No More Heroes was a highly entertaining ride that was bursting with personality. Unfortunately, much of its gameplay was shallow or unrefined, and that's where No More Heroes 2: Desperate Struggle comes in. It attempts to fix those gameplay gripes that everyone had with the first game, while providing the same bizarre characters and setting as before. And while Desperate Struggle does indeed refine the core gameplay, it's lost a lot of personality in the process. The result is a fa...

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Travis Touchdown Returns 0

The first No More Heroes was one of the most celebrated 3rd party titles on the Wii when it arrived in 2008, so naturally there were high hopes for the sequel.  Desperate Struggle is indeed a sequel, you play as the crazed assassin Travis Touchdown once again climbing the rankings to become the number one assassin in Santa Destroy, and once again his quest is pretty much fueled by the most stereotypical male motives, blown out to the extreme.  The same blonde haired lady wearing as little clothe...

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Revenge Can Be Violent AND Sexy. 0

The first No More Heroes' free-roam city was the cause of many of the game's problems: every time you failed a side mission you had to drive all the way back to where you were handed the assignment, then drive back to the objective, the collectibles were all but useless, and getting to and from anywhere was more of a hassle than it was worth. That, along with the repetitive nature of having to amass enough money to fight the next boss battle, made the first NMH a flawed gem.The sequel, No More H...

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A series of notable changes which amount to nothing. 0

The beginning of 2010 is proving to be an odd time for video games. On one end of the spectrum is the group of new IPs with no ties to other series, like Darksiders, Bayonetta, MAG, and Dante's Inferno. On the other side is the collection of sequels to major releases of the past few years, like BioShock 2, Mass Effect 2, Mega Man 10 and Final Fantasy XIII. However, the truly weird part is that both sides lack creativity, relying mostly on the designs of games before them. In that sense, No More ...

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In Depth Review: No More Heroes 2 1

DEMONTIUM REVIEWS NMH2:  Honestly, I think no two words have ever better described a piece of interactive media other than fucking amazing, and were it not for my own need to prattle on about things, I would consider this review complete.The original No More Heroes was a great game, and one I enjoyed completely. I won't bother going into the story, because most by now are familiar with it, as well as how Travis Touchdown kicks more ass than ninjas, pirates, Jedis and Chuck Norris combined. All t...

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No More Boredom! 0

I purchased and somewhat enjoyed the first No More Heroes game a few years back. I loved the style the game was trying to pull off, and I did put in quite a few hours into it. Unfortunately, I got stuck about 50% through the game on a particularly difficult boss and never finished it. When I heard No More Heroes 2 was coming, I was eager to give the franchise another go! Im pretty happy I did.  Loved: Batshit Crazy: Just like the first NMH, this game is pretty much insane. The art style, the sto...

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No more heroes 2 is crazy, but it's also crazy fun. 0

I loved the first No more heroes, in fact it's one of my favorite games of the past 5 years. I don't know why I loved it so much.. oh wait, I DO, it was over-the-top and the first true M rated game on the Wii. So when I heard that Suda 51 was making a sequel, I was stoked. But also a little worried, I mean, how can you top the craziness of the original. Well, it seems that Suda had the answer all along and he managed to put it in this game.   Travis is back!!I'll start off by listing all of the ...

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No More Heroes 2: Desperate Struggle Review 0

The hyper-stylized violence fest that the first game introduced has made a return in No More Heroes 2: Desperate Struggle. Fortunately, most of the annoying elements of the first game have been removed, and left with a more streamlined and fast paced experience. You’ll return as Travis Touchdown, who is drawn back into the UAA for revenge after your best friend (the video store guy from the first game) Bishop is brutally murdered. All the familiar characters make a return and you’ll also be tr...

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No More Heroes 2 review 0

     With the first game staring an anime loving, beam katana swinging Otaku, in a world filled with assassins that he needs to kill in order to reach his goal of scoring with the UAA's secretary is there any way this sequal can get any lower? Apparently, yes.       The story takes off right away with a ranked assassin battle easing you into the games controls, with the end of the fight you learned that it's been a few years since Travis Touchdown has left his #1 ranked position as best assassin...

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More of that punk style and dice-em-up action 0

Travis Touchdown returns to the seedy town of Santa Destroy after his friend, the owner of a local video store, is brutally murdered. Little did he know that there would be a laundry list of twisted assassins itching for a chance to match swords with him. When he left three years earlier Travis was the top-ranked assassin in the United Assassins Association (UAA), but in his absence dropped all the way down to #51. He’ll have to climb his way back to the top on a mountain of corpses if he wants ...

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Suda 51 channels David Lynch, anime, & more in this worthy sequel 0

No More Heroes 2: Desperate Struggle starts off with a bang. The action is bloodier, the humor is more off-the-wall, and the experience is even crazier than the first. The game is influenced by things as varied as the Kill Bill movies, manga, animé, and even David Lynch films. Series protagonist, otaku, and deadly assassin Travis Touchdown returns in, what executive director Suda 51 considers, a story that’s much darker than its predecessor. Travis is on a mission to cut his way back to the top ...

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Everything you loved about the original and then some 0

I loved No More Heroes, which made me nervous about playing this game.  Since this game doesn't do much different than the first one, I was worried that I would experience franchise burnout as I have in the past on other series.  Luckily, this game was a blast and really delivered in the way a great sequel should.  Sure, the original game had it's shortcomings, but there are few times when I sit down and have as much fun as I did throughout the entire game.  What fails to get mentioned in the re...

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No More Heroes 2; or why most sequels suck 0

To put it simply, most sequels to video games suck. They try too hard to emulate the flash of lighting that was the original and fall flat on their asses doing so. Such is the case with No More Heroes 2, a game that tries to emulate the success of the first game with crazy weapons, bosses and characters, but just leaves you with the feeling that you wasted your time. You play as the otaku assassin Travis Touchdown who after three years in retirement comes back to the UAA (United Assassination As...

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NMH 1.5 0

Recently I was given an opportunity to have a play through of sequel to No More Heroes from 2007. First game was somewhat enjoyable game. It had few minor complaints, but all and all it is a good game, even still. NMH 2 follows up more of the same. Story picks up few years after the events on the first game. A tragic event causes the hero Travis Touchdown to be involved with the UAA organization again. UAA which stands for United Assassins Association as with the first game holds assassin rankin...

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