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So, I was going to make this long blog post about this but honestly I'm feeling lazy right now and while I could gin up some stuff to say about this my basic point I wanted to make is damn I forgot how much fun this game was. It seriously is one of my favorite games of all time I think. It has such a oddly delicate balance that it swings between from being bat-shit 4th wall breaking insane to having some meaningful commentary on the glorification of violence. The characters are all amazing from the psychotic Bad Girl to the old honor bound veteran Death Metal the characters are all varied and have very unique quirks to them. That is one of the things that drew me to Metal Gear Solid as well just the crazy boss characters.

There is something charming to playing the original way with a Wiimote but the controller works really well especially since you don't have to worry about how your holding the controller if you want a low/high attack. I think at this point its most likely extremely doubtful but I'd like to see NMH Paradise 2 or hell even just a 3rd game in the series. Wanna get me to buy a WiiU nintendo? Get NMH 3. Seriously, I bought a Wii just for NMH and NMH 2. Sure, I bought some other games but now I've sold all of those and all that remains are my copies of the NMH games and Metroid Prime Trilogy. The music is great the aesthetics are awesome. I love the art. And even the combat I find oddly fun and while the actual battle options are fairly limited some of the Assassination and Free fight challenges are seriously HARD even on normal. I'm still having a ton of fun and I think I'm going to mop up the rest of the achievements ..er sorry "trophies" I'm excited to see how brutal "bitter" mode is. Anyways, any other super fans on here? I know is a pretty big fan but other than that anyone hoping for another sequel or a release of Paradise 2?

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