No More Heroes

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    An action-adventure hack n' slash title for the Nintendo Wii. In it, players follow otaku Travis Touchdown in his quest to become the highest-ranked assassin in the world (and, perhaps, get together with the mysterious Sylvia Christel).

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    NMH Review

    I'm  just going to come right out and say it, I love No More Heroes. I especially loved the humour of the game.  The hilarious dialog and antics by the main character Travis Touchdown give the game just some of it's charm. Travis uses an obvious light saber rip-off called the "Beam Katana" which must be recharged from time to time. To recharge, Travis emulates a masturbating motion, and the player must wave the Wii Remote in the same fashion. Save points are toilets. Travis pulls down his pants, then the save screen appears.  
    The actual gameplay is quite good as well. The combat involves a lot of mashing of the A button aswell as swinging of the Wii Remote. When you kill an enemy, he explodes into blood and coins usually screaming something along the lines of "MY SPLEEN!!!". Between the killing of guys, you must take on jobs to gain money. Some of these job mini-games are fun while others are annoying, but it's not a large part of the game so it doesn't matter that they are annoying.  
    I'm going to have to cut this review short, I gotta go save...

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       No More Heroes was a blast from start to finish. There were real surprises, huge laughs, and gory fun. Hack and Slashers tend to bore me towards the end, but this one didn't and it's twice as long as most Hack and Slashers. It does have faults, mostly the world map and somewhat boring level designs. The positives clearly outweigh the bad, so the No More Heroes is clearly going to stick with me for a while. ----------Battle System---------- No More Heroes is a no frills Hack and Slasher. Th...

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      No More Heroes is one of the few M-rated titles on the Nintendo Wii, and with good reason.  It’s a comic-book inspired kill-fest splattered with ridiculous geysers of blood streaming from the enemies you decapitate or cut in half.  Sexual overtones seep into just about every aspect of the game, from the hilarious titles of overdue porno rentals left on your answering machine to the way you jerk your light saber to recharge it.  And like any good action movie that doesn’t take itself too seriousl...

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