A good way to play the No One Lives Forever games?

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I've heard people talk about NoLF for years with such reverence I've always wanted to check them out. The bug has hit me again and I went searching, they're not on either Steam or GoG which I think they would be perfect for.

So with that I'm thinking of ebaying them but I'm wary, I know they were made for Mac and PC (and PS2 but I think they'd be more mouse and keyboard games and my PS2 is kaput). Has anyone had any experience running them recently? I'm running Snow Leopard and Windows 7.

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Haven't played it in a few months but was getting it to run great on the last pc (running 32 bit vista) so imagine that they work on win7. As for finding them, I'd recommend going through the new & used section on amazon as many people are selling both NoLF 1 & 2 in the $5-10 range & tend to see some of the NoLF games (in some areas of the US) at a chain of stores around near me called Half Price Books that sells books & software & music at half price or less in most cases unless it's a collectible.

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