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No Time to Explain is a comedy platformer game about jetpack guns, giant enemy crabs and time paradoxes. It was incepted as a web game prototype, got onto Kickstarter, got Greenlit and released on Steam on January 25 2013. It has 100+ levels, real voice screaming and hats.


The main character uses his future self's gun, which also doubles as a boost jump. Aiming the gun requires moving the mouse to shoot the gun in any direction. The player jumps through levels that require precision use of the gun's boost ability. The gun also steers your momentum in the air depending on the direction the gun is pointed. The game progresses as you follow your future self as he is screaming in pain and agony, and this all leads to a boss fight with the giant crab. Each level is similar as your future self gets taken away by different monsters.


No Time To Explain got released on Steam over a year after it's initial release on Initial release consisted of "Season 1" and later followed up by "Season 2", so that the developer had money to fund the bigger scope of the game. Later on both seasons got merged into a single game and the game went on Steam Greenlight. After 2 months on Greenlight, the game got enough votes to be Greenlit in November 2012. Two months later it released on Steam on January 25, 2013.

Initial Kickstarter pledgers and those who bought No Time To Explain on got access keys to the Steam version which is considered the ultimate one.


The game was funded by Kickstarter which has a number of bonuses depending on how much a person backed for the game. These bonuses are as follows

  • $1 hi-res poster
  • $5 the game for only $5 and the hi-res poster
  • $25 be part of the beta and get a chance to have levels in the game and get credited
  • $50 the official sound track and all of the things above
  • $150 get your ad in the ad level and all of the things above

Minecraft creator "Notch" pledged $2k to the production of the game.

The game was ultimately funded by 2,052 backers, generating $26,068. This ended up being $19,068 more than the $7,000 goal.


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