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    Nobuo Uematsu

    Person » credited in 58 games

    One of the most revered and prolific composers in gaming, Uematsu helped define the emotional tone of the Final Fantasy series.

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    Early Life

    Nobuo Uematsu was born in 1959 in Kōchi, Japan. A self-taught musician, he learned how to play the guitar by ear, before moving to the piano. He cited The Beatles and Elton John as major inspirations when growing up.


    Uematsu with a mandolin
    Uematsu with a mandolin

    Uematsu began his career at Squaresoft in 1986 and provided the music for numerous titles the company produced, including the early NES titles Rad Racer and King's Knight. Uematsu's work grew more recognized with the release of Final Fantasy in Japan in 1987. He would go on to compose the full soundtracks to each entry in the series until Final Fantasy X, when he collaborated with other composers and reduced his role to the contribution of a few select tracks.

    Smile Please

    Uematsu left Square Enix in 2004 when the company relocated its offices to the Shinjuku ward of Tokyo. Following his departure, he founded the company Smile Please, where he continues to work as a freelance composer. Since leaving Square Enix, he has continued to produce music for the company's games on a freelance basis. He has also worked on the soundtracks for a number of games produced by Mistwalker, a company founded by former Square Enix colleague Hironobu Sakaguchi, such as Blue Dragon and Lost Odyssey. He also composed the main theme for Nintendo's Super Smash Bros. Brawl.

    The Black Mages

    Uematsu is one of the founding members of The Black Mages, a rock band created as a collaboration between himself and fellow Square Enix employees in 2002. The band's catalogue of music is based on rock and metal interpretations of classic Uematsu Final Fantasy tracks. They disbanded in 2010. Together, the band released three commercially available albums.


    1987Final Fantasy & Final Fantasy II
    1990Final Fantasy III: Yuukyuu no Kaze Densetsu
    1991Final Fantasy III - Original Sound Version
    1991Final Fantasy IV - Original Sound Version
    1991Final Fantasy IV: Celtic Moon
    1992Final Fantasy IV - Piano Collections
    1992Final Fantasy V - Original Sound Version
    1993Final Fantasy V: Dear Friends
    1993Final Fantasy V - Piano Collections
    1994Final Fantasy VI - Original Sound Version
    1994Symphonic Suite Final Fantasy
    1994Final Fantasy VI - Special Tracks
    1994Final Fantasy VI: Grand Finale
    1994Final Fantasy: Pray
    1994Final Fantasy VI - Piano Collections
    1994Final Fantasy Mix
    1995Final Fantasy: Love Will Grow
    1997Final Fantasy VII
    1997Final Fantasy VII - Reunion Tracks
    1999Final Fantasy VIII
    1999Final Fantasy VIII: Fithos Lusec Wecos Vinosec
    2000Final Fantasy VIII - Piano Collections
    2000Final Fantasy IX
    2000Final Fantasy IX Plus
    2001Final Fantasy IX - Piano Collections
    2001Potion: Relaxin' With Final Fantasy
    2001Final Fantasy X
    2001Potion 2: Relaxin' With Final Fantasy
    2002Final Fantasy X - Piano Collections
    2002Final Fantasy 20020220
    2002Final Fantasy XI
    2003Final Fantasy VII - Piano Collections
    2004Final Fantasy Song Book: Mahoroba
    2005Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children
    2006More Friends: Music From Final Fantasy
    2006Final Fantasy III
    2006Blue Dragon
    2007Distant Worlds Music From Final Fantasy
    2008Lost Odyssey
    2008Final Fantasy IV Original Soundtrack
    2008Final Fantasy XI - Piano Collections
    2008Chocobo to Mahou no Ehon Series Original Soundtrack
    2009Lord of Vermilion Original Soundtrack
    2009Guin Saga Original Soundtrack
    2010Distant Worlds II: More Music From Final Fantasy
    2011The Last Story - Original Soundtrack

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