Finally we have reached Saturn

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I finally checked up on Noby Noby Boy and to my surprise we reached Saturn.
It only took over a year since we reached Jupiter, but thanks to the help from the few people who still play this game and the score multipliers they have put in the community has finally got to a new planet on 
Wednesday January 19th 2011.... Wow I'm really late to post this....  I wonder if they'll ever just release all the planets since there are suppost to be planets beyond the solar system.
Are you guys pumped or have you completely forgotten about this game? (I kinda did forget since we got to Saturn in January....)
Here's the Quick Look for people who don't know the game.

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Man, the three people that still play that game have been doing some work.

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Their Nobys united to successfully penetrate Saturn's ring.. what an achievement.
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@Sweep: god that is perfect 
also, this is exciting news, i am happy
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people.... are ......still playing noby noby boy..,...does not compute

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Good to know that my occasional confusion in Noby Noby Boy bears some fruit of sorts.

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I really want them to just have a 100% multiplier day so that I can just go nuts with growing GIRL lol.

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I messed around with it for about 30 minute sessions during 3 or 4 days after I got it and never touched it again, there's not much to it, a new planet usually just means a different color anyway, no reason at all to "play" this, at least it was very cheap.

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@eroticfishcake said:
" Good to know that my occasional confusion in Noby Noby Boy bears some fruit of sorts. "
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Wow, I completely forgot about all the people out there growing GIRL. Mad props to those guys.

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Yes! This is great! Noby Noby Boy is the single best kids' game I have, and a lot of boys have wanted to go to Saturn. My mum's a babysitter and it's always nice for them to have something to do that they find entertaining, and since in Noby Noby Boy there is no way you can lose, they always do.

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Next stop: Uranus.

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Awesome. I got back to playing NNB yesterday, and was surprised to see Girl already reached Saturn.
Still missing that dang Prince trophy.

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