Giant Bombcast Noby Noby Boy Contest Winners Revealed!

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#51 Posted by darkjester74 (1705 posts) -

Good job all, these were pretty funny.

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#52 Posted by Sephiroth9997 (266 posts) -

Great Job fellas! 

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#53 Posted by MeatSim (11193 posts) -

These guys put a lot of work into this just for a T-shirt, bravo.

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#54 Posted by Wright (633 posts) -

quite awesome. "hey how you doin guys. can I speak to you guys for a couple secs with the cameras down?" and stalking the random woman lol

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#55 Posted by wiII (120 posts) -

How original, I've never seen the whole run around dressed like an idiot and get strange looks skit before, especially at the local mall no less.    I'm only kidding,props for the work put in, but I call a tie between #2 and #3. But what does that matter, everyone's a winner at giant bomb!

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#56 Posted by El33tPanda (182 posts) -

Love the doughnut guy!

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#57 Posted by brukaoru (5135 posts) -
Johnny5 said:
"Wait....I listen to the bombcast every week and I didnt even know about it. O_o"
I had not heard about it either. Congrats to the winners though. Amazing effort from the people who made the first video!
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#58 Posted by halibut (40 posts) -

I feel like the second one really captures the spirit of the game.  Just some random dude eating a donut.  And then a cat comes and checks things out for a while.

This is exactly what my experience has been like with the game.

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#59 Posted by RHCPfan24 (8663 posts) -

Those were great videos...seriously. Good job to all.

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#60 Posted by Wolverine (4642 posts) -

Great videos! I hope to see more contests like this one!

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