Okay, I think I finally get it!

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So, Noby Noby Boy is coming out soon on the PSN...
people have been confused about this game, and so have I...
but after watching some gameplay videos... I think I may finally understand...

The point of the game is to make yourself stretch as long and big as possible, much like how in katamari, the point was to get as big as possible, except now they've added in length...

In Noby Noby Boy, there's a few ways to make yourself bigger:

1) You can eat things that fit in your mouth and get longer, much like in Snake.
2) You can tangle yourself up in objects, adding to your mass.
3) You can have people or animals ride on your back, adding to your mass.

Also, by stretching you can use it as a kind of tightrope attack to knock people out of cars, or off of bikes, etc.

of course, this is still all just speculation on my part, based on what I've seen in gameplay videos so far...
so, what do you guys think?

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Seriously, it's all just sexual innuendo.

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I.. I just don't know.
No matter how hard I try I can't see any game related thing in there. or something

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Myeah, kinda. Your first assumption is 100% correct. But anything outside your body doesn't add to your mass (there's no mass to begin with, it's all length)

You eat stuff to grow in length, and you give that length to GIRL, who's in space, reaching towards other planets. With the combined help of everyone on PSN, GIRL grows
so that , one day, we reach the moon and we'll be able to play there.

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awesome! I was almost right!

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