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#1 Posted by BoG (5390 posts) -

Alright, going over the wiki, I noticed this little piece:

"The Sun

The Sun is a giant man who looks like a cross between an anthropomorphic lion and a child's drawing of the sun. He kneels on all fours and looks down upon BOY's work in the world and acts as a conduit by reporting BOY's stretching progress to GIRL. If BOY flys high enough, he can meet The Sun directly, but it's also possible to talk to him via a menu shortcut."

I think we were all wrong to label this lion as the sun, as now on the moon it is a big bear. However, I'm stumped as to how to classify these characters. Any ideas?
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#2 Posted by Fr0Br0 (3255 posts) -

Dude, you can't classify ANYTHING in Noby Noby Boy.

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#3 Posted by LiquidPrince (17073 posts) -
Fr0Br0 said:
"Dude, you can't classify ANYTHING in Noby Noby Boy.

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#4 Posted by JJOR64 (19693 posts) -

That's Namco for you.

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#5 Posted by albedos_shadow (1562 posts) -

Wow, I totally didn't realize that was a bear until you said it.

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#6 Posted by tekmojo (2365 posts) -
Fr0Br0 said:
"Dude, you can't classify ANYTHING in Noby Noby Boy.

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#7 Posted by bekern (587 posts) -
It definatly is the sun, he is even referred to as the sun in the manual. I think you should just change the first sentence to "anthropomorphic animal" and then add another sentence explainging that he is a different animal depending on the planet or something.
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#8 Posted by jakob187 (22960 posts) -

I vote that the entire Noby Noby Boy wiki page should be changed to simply this:

"Noby Noby Boy is a "PAC-MAN, PAC-MAN, PAC-MAN, PAC-MAN" from Namco Bandai in which no one actually knows what the fuck is going on, but you can "PAC-MAN, PAC-MAN, PAC-MAN, PAC-MAN" to other planets if you "PAC-MAN, PAC-MAN, PAC-MAN, PAC-MAN, PAC-MAN, PAC-MAN, PAC-MAN" far enough."

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