So after the moon...

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I assume that after GIRL reaches the moon, if the final objective is to connect the entire solar system then the new objective will be mars?

I'm really starting to get into this gigantic cooperative meta game but I have to wonder, what exactly happens when an objective is met?

Does that open up a whole new world with new objects and inhabitants?

Will the game be patched when GIRL reaches the moon, or will it be a game  add-on you have to download?

Will it work the same as Earth, or will it just be a giant sphere Noby Noby Boy can explore; I have to say that would be much more intriguing than some new objects and a different planet to zoom out too.

I suppose all one can do is speculate.

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My guess would be that some part of the game just unlocks or it would automatically download a small patch in the background so you won't notice it. And yeah, it'll probbaly be the goal to reach other planets.

We can only guess for now.

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I'm assuming when we reach the moon the physics will operate differently. As for Mars, martians will be there etc.

The beauty of the game is... everyone wants to succeed in order to see what happens next.

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Nerd moment..

I checked on wikianswers and the closest distance between the Earth and the Moon is 54.6 million kilometers. Now I don't know how much people are adding to girl every day because I have not checked yet, but it could be a better part of a year before it happens.

The distance between Mars and Jupiter is worse at 550 million kilometers.

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