The most important question about Noby Noby Boy on the iPhone

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Does it still have the PAC-MAN PAC-MAN button ? 
Actually, I'm  genuinely interested in buying this for my iPhone... have any of you played it yet ? Is it just as crazy as the PSN version ? I can't find any reliable review for it. :/

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it's $2, what does it matter? i have it and i like it but it's a lot different than the psn version.  
don't know how to report my length yet but it's a nice distraction and priced so well.

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@Killjoi: and i don't know what the pac-man button is. maybe someone else knows and can tell if it's in the iphone version?
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My biggest disappointment was the lack of a coked-out parrot.
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@AimingWandersly: The "Pac-Man Button" is referring to the part of the PSN tutorial where it hides the movement commands with Pac-Man symbols causing the player to guess what the game is suggesting they press. In the Quick Look they made jokes about having to 'Press R2 or the Pac-Man Button', which is really just meant as a placeholder until you discover the button.
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Oh man, I finally have an iPod Touch, I should get this immediately.

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