Where in Space is Giant Bomb's GIRL?

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I've been thinking about doing something like this since Noby Noby Boy came out, but I think I've finally figured out a good way to do it.

So, I'm going to locate a fairly accurate map of the solar system. Upon this map, I'm going to mark the point that Giant Bomb's girl has reached. "What does this mean?" you may ask? Well, I need you to post your BOY's current length so I can add it to an ongoing list and eventually add it up to find how far the combined total of Giant Bomb's meters reaches into the universe.

It's kind of a stupid idea, yes. But at the same time, doesn't have an appealing aspect of togetherness and teamwork?

No, but let's do it anyway.

Just post the length you have stretched and I'll add it, and your name, to the list.

Maybe turn it into a mini Giant Bomb leaderboard of sorts possibly? Hell, I don't know. Any thing could happen at this point.

MemberBOY's Length
 LordXavierBritish 146,164m

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Fine as long as you do all the math.

I will edit this post and type in the length of mah BOY.

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I love these stories about length.
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If there's enough call for people having separate groups similar to folding@home, maybe it can be patched in. I love CoD4 as much as the next man, but there aren't enough online games where you work together (for all it's faults, Monster Hunter had a certain something) Some non violent competition would make Noby Noby more compelling.

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