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Pokemon No. 164
Classification: Owl Pokémon
Type: Normal/Flying
Height: 5'3" / 1.6m
Weight: 89.9 lbs / 40.8kg

Noctowl is an Owl type Pokémon.  Average size and colored brown, it only comes out during the nighttime, and has specially adapted eyes to see with even the slightest amount of light.  It's feathers are so soft that it is able to move silently through the air and prey on unsuspecting enemies.  When it needs to think, it can rotate it's head 180 degrees to maximise it's thought potential.


Noctowl evolves from this Pokemon, Hoothoot, at level 20.
Noctowl evolves from this Pokemon, Hoothoot, at level 20.


Evolves from: Hoothoot
Evolves into: n/a
Level: 20
Requirements: no special requirements

Hoothoot evolves to Noctowl at level 20 with no happiness requirements or stones.

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