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    The Daedric Prince of Shadow, and the patron to all thieves.

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    Nocturnal is one of the sixteen Daedric Princes of Oblivion. Hers is the domain of shadows and darkness, making Her the patron of thieves throughout Tamriel. Her domain of Oblivion is the Evergloam, where Her servants are sent after repaying their debts to Her.

    Hers is not a standard religion; there are neither priests, nor shrines, nor alms. Instead, Nocturnal enters into business agreements with those seeking Her favor. In exchange for granting mortals great powers, said mortals are bound to defend the Twilight Sepulcher, both in life and in death. Only those who have repaid their debts to Her satisfaction may go to the Evergloam.

    To mortals who She has deigned to appear before, She comes across as cold and uncaring, brushing off their devotion and achievements as simply part of their contractual obligations. However, Her servants believe Her to simply be pushing them to achieve ever more, as a strict parent would with a child.

    One of the realms of Her domain, the Shade Perilous, was invaded by Mehrunes Dagon during his invasion of the Battlespire. The fighting between Dagon's Daedric armies and the Empire left the Battlespire destroyed, and more importantly, the Shade Perilous isolated. Out of Her reach, the Shade Perilous is now ruled by a Fire Deadra and a Frost Daedra, as a gift from Dagon.


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