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Nolan North is a voice actor, known for his many high profile roles including Nathan Drake, The Prince, Desmond Miles, and Jason Fleming. Previous to his illustrious career as a voice actor, North was a television actor in several soap operas, other dramas, and has appeared on Hollywood Squares with the infamous Brad Garret. He also has experience acting on stage in live theatrical productions.

The Northies

In 2009, the editors of Giant Bomb added a category to their end of the year awards, known as the Northies. The Northie was to be awarded for the best performance Nolan North made that year, meant both as a joke about the large number of games he appeared in, and to seriously celebrate him for his consistently excellent work.

The 2009 Northies:

The first Northie in 2009 went to Nolan North for his lead performance in Uncharted 2: Among Thieves, where he reprised the his role as Nathan Drake.

The 2010 Northies:

In 2010 Nolan North won the Northie for the second year running for his infamous one-man show in Mafia II, which included the notorious possibility of two random NPCs, both voiced by North, having a conversation with each other.

The 2011 Northies:

In 2011, Nolan North saw both great success and failure at the Northies, winning for his performance as the Space Core, Adventure Core, Fact Core, and defective turrets in Portal 2, but losing as all of the other nominees (which included another performance as Nathan Drake).

In fact, his award winning performance in Portal 2 was so great that Valve modded the game Skyrim to include the Space Core, complete with new lines from Nolan North about dragons. The reasoning for this was that (according to Valve) Skyrim was the only major release of the year without Nolan North in it.

The 2012 Northies:

In 2012, Nolan North continued his winning streak in the Northies by winning once again, this year for his performance as Captain Martin Walker in Spec Ops: The Line. This was also the first year that Nolan North did not lose as any other nominee, as Giant Bomb had no runners-up for the award. However, as North's voice acting career is hardly slowing down, it is likely that there will be many more contenders for the coveted prize in the future.

Notable Work

50 Cent: BulletproofSpinoza
Ape Escape 3Dr. Tomoki
Alpha ProtocolSteven Heck
Assassin's Creed (franchise)Desmond Miles
Armored CoreSherring
Ar tonelico II: Melody of MetafalicaShun
Agatha Christie: And Then There Were NonePat Narrcott
Batman: Arkham CityThe Penguin
Dr. Seuss' The Cat in the HatFish
Call of Duty (franchise)Dr. Ed Richtofen
Crash Bandicoot (franchise)Dr. N. Gin
Dark VoidWill Grey
Fable IIMale Hero
Final Fantasy XIIVossler
Gears of War 2Jace Stratton
God of WarHades
Halo 3: ODSTRomeo
Halo WarsSgt. Forge
KeepsakeZak the Dragon
The Last of UsDavid
Marvel Ultimate AllianceGhost Rider
Marvel vs. Capcom 3: Fate of Two WorldsDeadpool
Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm 2"Madara Uchiha"
Interstate '82Hinkley
Portal 2Defective Turret/Personality Cores
Prince of PersiaThe Prince
Power Rangers: Super LegendsGoldar
Ratchet & Clank Future: A Crack in TimeSigmund
Resistance: RetributionRolland Mallery
Resonance of FateVashyron
Shadow ComplexJason Fleming
Spec Ops: The LineCaptain Martin Walker
Spider-Man: Shattered DimensionsUltimate Deadpool
Uncharted (franchise)Nathan Drake
SingularityJames Devlin
Sniper: Ghost WarriorO'Neil
Trauma TeamCR-S01

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