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271321 emphulio Person Overview added Mafia III as Remy Duvall to credits 10/24/16 06:56PM 2 Approved
227204 frobie Person Overview 01/02/16 10:00PM 2 Approved
218474 frobie Person Overview 12/22/15 11:11PM 2 Approved
214747 frobie Person Overview 12/16/15 09:22PM 2 Approved
196415 moffattron9000 Person Overview Updated dead links 09/15/15 08:26PM 1 Approved
152317 skuski Person Overview Added voice work for Rise of the Hutt Cartel 01/02/15 07:11AM 2 Approved
150217 ReverendHunt Person Overview 12/16/14 02:05PM 1 Approved
124408 Yummylee Person Overview 07/26/14 10:26PM 6 Approved
71852 coloursheep Person Overview I am currently re-watching the persona 4 endurance run and was reminded that Nolan North voices the police office outside Namatame's hospital room. He appears in episode 131 of the endurance starting at 21.46, if you would like to confirm. 11/28/13 01:24AM 2 Approved
64963 ReverendHunt Person Overview 10/23/13 06:49PM 7 Approved
49262 Yummylee Person Overview 08/12/13 07:13PM 2 Approved
48522 Sgtpierceface Person Overview Added David from The Last of Us. Took WAY too long. 08/08/13 06:42PM 9 Approved
48319 Deusoma Person Overview 08/07/13 09:05PM 6 Approved
38859 TechnoSyndrome Person Overview 06/27/13 01:26AM 4 Approved
38858 TechnoSyndrome Person Overview 06/27/13 01:21AM 4 Approved
38857 TechnoSyndrome Person Overview 06/27/13 01:16AM 302 Approved
12135 cwf123 Person Overview 03/08/13 04:14PM 2 Approved
5518 Forcen Person Overview Added Merasmus character. 02/19/13 05:21AM 4 Approved

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