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    Nomads are people with no permanent settlement.

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    Nomads are wanders in video games, usually banning together with a small group of individuals. Raiders, barbarians, and any lose group of people waiting to pounce on an unsuspecting warrior can qualify as a Nomad. Usually, they are people forced to wander due to either persecution for their race or beliefs or by a need for resources. They appear in open world games such as FallOut 3 , FallOut:New Vegas, The Elder Scroll games. They are common in games based in the apocalypse and the desert, often taking the role of traders, hunters, and bandits or serving as a safe place for travelers to rest.

    In addition, many strategy games capitalize on the real-world phenomenon of nomadic peoples settling in a permanent location, as this supplies the beginnings for many civilizations. Examples include the Age of Empires and Civilization franchises begin with nomadic tribes that flourish into empires.

    Games with Nomad in the title

    Jake Nomad Dunn is a name of a character whom appears in two games, Crysis Warhead (for the PC) and Crysis.

    There is a game sporting the title of Nomad. It is a 2d space-adventure with humanoid animals in space suits.

    Speaking of games with Nomad in the title; Omikron: The Nomad Soul takes place in a futuristic city with an individual a tempting to over through an oppressive government. Nomad in this case takes on the role of revolutionary and rebel. Soul Nomad and the World Eaters is a strategy based RPG. Its main objective is to save the world from the Soul Eaters. Nomad is meant to mean; one whom stands against.


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