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    He is a playable character in Planescape: Torment. He is a rogue Modron and a fighter.

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    Nordom is a rather unique Modron in both physical appearance and personality. His two wings have been replaced with two additional arms and a dangling lens assists him with spotting enemies from afar or with identifying items. His programming is also slightly warped, and although he retains much of a Modron's sense of logic he is also far more curious about the world around him and has distanced himself from what is almost a Modron hive mind or collective. His name was accidentally given to him thanks to an offhand comment that he seemed to be 'backwards' for a Modron, leading him to give himself a designation that was 'Modron' spelled backwards.

    In Planescape: Torment Nordom can be enlisted into the party after solving the Rubikon cube, itself a parody of dungeon crawling games. He functions as the game's only ranged weapon specialist with his pair of crossbows and is a valuable asset to The Nameless One's group. Depending on choices made within the cube, Nordom can receive additional specialization.

    Nordom's curiousity carries over into the other members of the group, and will occasionally attempt to apply his own logic to their situation, usually driving them batty in the process. His machine-like demeanour often results in amusing banter between characters, particularly involving the less tolerant and more chaotic characters like Annah.

    The only other Modron in Planescape: Torment appears in the Brothel of Sating Intellectual Lusts, studying the interactions of the women and their clientele.


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