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The Type 79 is a Chinese-made sub-machine gun produced by the China North Industries Corporation, or 'Norinco' as they are better known. Norinco is known outside of China for its weapon manufacture, with some of its items having been adapted from older Soviet designs. The Type 79 uses the Soviet 7.62x25mm round, better known for being the round fired by the Tokarev TT-33 semi-automatic pistol.

Lynch wielding Type 79
Lynch wielding Type 79
The Type 79 appears only in one game: Kane and Lynch 2: Dog Days. During the game it is portrayed as a rather average sub-machine gun, which is surprisingly effective even up to a medium range. It does nothing particularly special, firing from a 30-round magazine with acceptable stats in every respect. It is shown in the hands of both Kane and Lynch, as well as the Chinese police forces. It is not used by the Chinese special forces in game, who favor the QCW-05, or 'Nianishi 500' as the game identifies it.
It is available to purchase online during all three modes, though is generally not a common choice due to its relatively average performance in all respects. It can be effective, though other weapons can be much more effective depending on the player.

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