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    Normal Mapping

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    Normal mapping is an integral part in making believable visuals. Using advanced surface information in conjunction with light information, an artist is able to define an incredible amount of detail on any low polygon model.

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    Normal mapping, also known as Dot3 bumb mapping, is a form of bump mapping that was introduced by Venkat Krishnamurthy and Marc Levoy at SIGGRAPH '96.

    The first gaming system capable of hardware normal mapping was Sega's Dreamcast console, and its Naomi arcade counterpart, in 1998. In comparison, Sony's PlayStation 2, released in 2000, lacked hardware support for normal mapping. Like the Dreamcast, hardware normal mapping was later supported by the GameCube and Xbox in 2001.

    Since the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3, normal mapping has been widely used in gaming. The Nintendo 3DS handheld also supports normal mapping.


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