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    Not a Hero

    Game » consists of 3 releases. Released May 14, 2015

    A 2D, side-scrolling shooter from the makers of OlliOlli.

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    Not a Hero is a 2D shoot-em-up placing the player in control of a group of heavily-armed mercenaries as they try to eliminate crime so that their boss, a strange purple rabbit-person known as BunnyLord, can win the mayoral race in their city.


    A large, purple, rabbit-like person from the future known only as BunnyLord is running for Mayor of the city, warning that the world will be destroyed if he doesn't win the election. In order to get elected, BunnyLord and his campaign staff (known as the "BunnyLord Fun Club") arm themselves to the teeth and systematically tear down three of the most vicious crime lords in the city, believing that doing so will convince voters that voting for BunnyLord will eliminate crime.



    A large, purple, rabbit-like person who is running for mayor. Often seen drinking milkshakes at Aunt Ruby's Diner in-between jobs. Has a personal teleportation device and a BunnyVan or BunnyCopter when he needs to get in or out quickly. Unlike other characters, speaks only in an unintelligible warbling tone, though everyone in-game can understand his words perfectly.

    BunnyLord Fun Club

    The campaign staff for BunnyLord's mayoral campaign that happens to double as a group of heavily-armed mercenaries.

    • Steve: Campaign Manager, head pollster, the starting character. Wields a very accurate pistol.
    • Cletus: Country boy who talks in a heavy Glaswegian accent. Carries a shotgun that can knock doors off their hinges. Can fire before finished fully reloading.
    • Samantha: A Welsh lady who can reload and fire her pistol while moving, though doing so will reduce accuracy a bit.
    • Jesus (pronounced "Hey-Zoos"): Sexy Spaniard who will dry-hump anything. Wields an SMG he can fire while sliding.
    • Mike: Alcoholic hitman with a sawn-off shotgun that carries only two slugs. However, Mike can do silent executions that use no ammo and moves faster than other characters.
    • Stanley: He's never voted and has no clue what the election's about, but he has lots of experience working with a paramilitary group. His rifle has the largest capacity and can fill a hallway with bullets in seconds. Slow moving and reloading.
    • Clive: A classy British gent who acts like a John Woo film character, holding pistols akimbo and can shoot in both directions at once with his special attack. The tradeoff is that he cannot hold any explosives. Always seen smoking a cigarette.
    • Ronald Justice: BunnyLord's campaign lacks the funds to hire a real superhero, so he found the next best thing: a crazy man in a cheap superhero costume. On top of a standard pistol, Ronald's unique special attack makes him dash forward and kill foes with his "magic" hammer. The hammer can be recharged by performing executions or picking up explosive crates in the level. Also, Ronald can knock doors off their hinges just by sliding through them.
    • Kimmy: A former Master-Ronin-Ninja-Samurai-Yakuza, Kimmy carries a sword in one hand that can instantly kill almost any enemy as her special attack. Like Ronald, she can also recharge her sword by performing executions or picking up explosive crates. In her other hand, she wields a SMG that can be fired even while performing executions, though she is very inaccurate with this weapon.


    • Bogdan Nabatov: Russian mobster who has made "Vodkaville" his home.
    • Upgraydd (a.k.a. "Darren"): Name is in reference to a minor character from the movie "Idiocracy." Ruthless druglord holed up in the projects of Bredrin Park where his gang grows and sells ganja. Wears an "Everything-proof Vest" capable of blocking literally every attack, except for BunnyLord's "anti-Everything-proof Vest" Gun.
    • Akemi: Head of the "Pan-Asian Triad Yakuza," bringing everyone from Hong Kong gangsters to Japanese ninja together under her control. Runs a sushi restaurant and supply company in the heart of "Sushi Central" as a front for her evil dealings, though the sushi is reportedly very good.

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