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    Characters that are initially portrayed as evil, but eventually turn out to be good or not as serious of a threat. This also includes villains who remain evil the entire game, but contain some sense of moral goodness or ambiguity.

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    The Architect

    One of two primary antagonists of Dragon Age: Origins - Awakening. The Architect is a sentient Darkspawn that has been kidnapping Wardens so as to take their blood. However upon confronting him, the Warden Commander and his/her party discovers that The Architect is doing such deeds so as to try and cure other darkspawn of the hold the Archdemon has over them and to gain free will. This in turn isn't wholly unlike how the Wardens themselves extract darkspawn blood for the sake of their Joining ritual. While he had sent emissaries to try and bargain for blood, they were always attacked on sight and so he found kidnapping to be a necessity. However The Architect's actions still lead to a Brood Mother that reacted poorly to free will and was driven insane - being the game's other primary antagonist. Furthermore, The Architect was the one who inadvertently caused the awakening of the archdemon that lead to the blight during Dragon Age: Origins.


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