Nova Cat

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    The Nova Cat is a heavy Clan OmniMech that favors long range beam weaponry.

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    Developed by Clan Nova Cat after their loss at Tukayyid, the Nova Cat heavy OmniMech was conceptualized in part as an effort to refocus the clan after their recent defeat. It was meant both to bolster Clan Nova Cat's spirits and remind its members of the clan's strength, with the goal of unification being nowhere more evident than in the choice to christen the 'Mech with the clan's name. It is based upon Jade Falcon's Night Gyr heavy OmniMech, and at a glance the two are very similar in appearance, although the Nova Cat is somewhat smaller in mass. Other changes over the Night Gyr include increased space for weaponry, which comes at the expense of speed, and an even heavier focus on beam weaponry. The Nova Cat is also notable for being one of a relatively small number of digitigrade 'Mechs, meaning that, in much the same fashion as a dog or, more appropriately, a cat, only its toes make contact with the ground when it walks.

    In its primary configuration, the Nova Cat depends entirely upon beam weaponry for firepower, with two ER PPCs in it right arm and three ER Large Lasers in its left. This gives the 'Mech superior long range capability and also has the added benefit of allowing it to operate for lengthy periods without support, as it does not require ammunition for any of its armaments. The downside is of course heat buildup, as all of its weapons generate a significant amount of heat when fired. Even though the Nova Cat was designed with a large number of heat sinks in order to compensate for this, it is still an incredibly easy 'Mech to overheat if one is not careful. This can be further exacerbated in warmer climates where heat does not dissipate quickly, though intelligent pilots will know to stagger weapon fire when necessary in order to prevent excessive heat buildup.

    Vital Statistics

    SchematicProduction InformationTechnical SpecificationsDefault Weapon Loadout
    Nova Cat Schematic
    Nova Cat Schematic
    • Designation: OmniMech
    • Designer/Manufacturer: Clan Nova Cat
    • Production Planets: Barcella & Irece
    • Production Sites: Barcella & Irece Alpha
    • Cost: 17,672,917 C-Bills
    • Class: Heavy 'Mech
    • Weight: 70 tons
    • Armor: 13.5 Tons
    • Top Speed: 65 kph
    • Jump Jets: None
    • 2 ER PPCs
    • 3 ER Large Lasers

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