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As anti-gravity racing is still in its inception in 2048, almost all tracks in the game are city circuits built around landmarks. These are:

  • Empire Climb (built around the Empire State Building)
  • Queens Mall
  • Metro Park (built inside Central Park)
  • Unity Square
  • Capital Reach (built around the Brooklyn Bridge)
  • Rockway Stadium (built around Yankee Stadium)
  • Downtown
  • Subway (built inside the city's rapid transit system)
  • Sol

The only exception to the rule is the last track in the game, Altima; the first race circuit built especially for anti-gravity racing, based in Canada. The track would in fact "return" in the very first game in the series, albeit without shortcuts, as Altima VII. As for Nova State City, the increasing speeds of anti-gravity racecrafts would make city racing dangerous, and the AGRC would leave the city at the city at the end of the 2050 season.


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