Nozomi Weaver

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    A surgeon with the Healing Touch that appears in Trauma Center: Second Opinion. She is the playable surgeon during the side-story Z-missions. Her actual name is Naomi Kimishima, 'Nozomi Weaver' being an alias given to her by Delphi.

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    Naomi Kimishima is a surgeon that first appeared in Trauma Center:  Second Opinion as the second playable character alongside the original series protagonist Derek Stiles.  Like Derek, she is gifted with the Healing Touch.  However, she was forced to enter witness protection and hide her true identity.  She returned to her original name at the conclusion of Second Opinion.
    In Trauma Team, it is revealed that Naomi entered the field of forensic medicine.  She examines bodies, personal effects, and testimonies for clues related to how the subjects she examined died, and has a reputation for having helped the FBI with a number of cases.  Naomi is also able to hear the final words of those that died through her cell phone.

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