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    Nuclear Strike

    Game » consists of 4 releases. Released Aug 31, 1997

    The STRIKE Team goes after a rogue CIA Agent, who's prepared to unleash a nuclear attack on the world using stolen nuclear weapons.

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    Nuclear Strike is part of a long running series from EA. The Strike series has always been focused on arcade style action with the depth of a strategy game. Nuclear Strike barrows most of it’s gameplay elements from Soviet Strike, the previous title in the Strike Series. Nuclear Strike came out for PC, Playstation and Nintendo 64. The N64 version featured scaled down or remixed levels due to memory constraints, and was more of a remix than a port. New features included onscreen radar and a replay theater. The returning characters from Soviet Strike included STRIKE commander General Earle, electronics and communication mastermind “Hack”, and Andrea Grey, a STRIKE agent who daylights as a news reporter. Nick Arnold makes a brief appearance in the first mission.


    A stolen nuclear weapon from Belarus is tracked to the Indocine islands and STRIKE jumps in to discover who is responsible for the theft. There they find that the mercenary leader Colonel Beauford Lemonde has the possession of the nuclear device and has killed former copilot Nick Arnold in the jungle. Enlisting the help of local resistance fighter Naja Hana, STRIKE liberates Indocine from Lemonde's influence but is unable to capture the device, instead tracking the radiation signature to the Lavu Royale, a small island chain somewhere in the South China Sea. Though the islands are under the watch of Napoleon Hwong, a warlord for the reigning Octad, the intervention of STRIKE and a local gun for hire Harding Cash cuts down many of the Octad's operations in the surrounding region and eliminate the warlord himself. With the Lavu Royale situation contained, STRIKE intelligence locates Lemonde in Pyongyang, North Korea where diplomats and world leaders are gathered for the "Countdown to Peace", a peace conference setup by Kym Zung-Lee, the enigmatic leader of the country. In reality, the nuke is placed in the heart of the city and the team furiously works to get the diplomats out of the city or into shelter to survive the blast. Lemonde's plan is revealed: with the detonation of the device inside Pyongyang, Kym pushes the North Korean army begins its push towards South Korea in an attempt to overtake the fractured nation using the tense political situation as a cover for invasion. The second Korean War would be a firestorm of international controversy and possibly usher in World War III. STRIKE mobilizes toward the 38th parallel, the world's most heavily guarded border, and with help from the stationed troops and STRIKE commando Andrea, the advance is halted and Lemonde is forced to retreat. The fanatical leader falls back to the Tiger Mountain in Eastern Siberia where his fortress houses his personal army and Shiva's Dagger, a devastating superweapon. With the help of all the STRIKE commandos, Shiva's Dagger is destroyed and STRIKE has again stopped an attempt at a nuclear war.


    Some the vehicles were real world military hardware, while some, such as the VTOL, were concocted by the developers.

    Playstation Network

    The PS1 version of Nuclear Strike is available on the American Playstation Store for $5.99.


    Though an in game cinematic teased the "STRIKE warrior", a bipedal mech attack vehicle, and a final video declaring that a sequel titled Future Strike was coming out in 1998, no game has come out bearing the Strike name since. This makes Nuclear Strike the last game in the Strike series. Development on Future Strike was transition into Future Cop: LAPD.


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