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Nuclear Winter in Freedom Force

Sukhov portrait
Sukhov portrait
 Agent Sukhov is the first villain in Freedom Force armed only with his fists and a gun. He is a Soviet agent and his hatred for Capitalism leads him on an attempt to detonate an atomic bomb in Patriot City. He is caught in a blast of liquid nitrogen but, instead of killing him the Energy X in his body absorbs the traits of liquid nitrogen transforming him into Nuclear Winter. He is physically strong and possesses formidable ice-based projectile attacks but is slowed down by his weight. He is Minuteman's arch nemesis and their relationship is analogous to Marvel's Captain America and Red Skull.


Nuclear Winter in Freedom Force vs. The 3rd Reich

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 Nuclear Winter returns in the sequel as the first boss encounter and is the main catalyst for the time altering events in Freedom Force vs. The 3rd Reich. The anti-capitalism super villain steals Time Master's body using it to time travel back to the Cuban Missile Crisis. His plan is to steal a large amount of nuclear missiles in order to initiate a war between the USSR and United States of America drastically altering the timeline. The Freedom Force follows him through time and defeats him once again. However, these events vastly change the timeline anyway causing the Axis Powers to be the victors of World War 2.  

Attributes and Powers

  •  Invertebrate
  • Jumper
  • Frost Punch
  • Ice Shell
  • Snow Storm
  • Icicle Blast 


  • Frost Warriors
  • Ice Queens
  • Ice Troopers
  • Shurales
  • Snow Men

Nuclear Winter's Theme Song

Link to Nuclear Winter's Theme Song

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