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NumberMan.EXE is a NetNavi owned by Higsby (Yamitaro Higure), and both where originally members of the criminal organization known as WWW, and NumberMan is the second boss of the first game, but they turned over a new leaf due to MegaMan and Lan's influence.

Afterwards, Higsby created a Battle Chip shop and NumberMan is effectively the mascot for the shop. He reappears in the City Battle Tournament from MegaMan Battle Network 4: Blue Moon as a random opponent, and MegaMan can acquire the Number Soul. He later joins Team Colonel in MegaMan Battle Network 5 in order to gain self-confidence, and Higsby's Chip Shop is used as a base to Team Colonel, and MegaMan can acquire the Number Soul again.

MegaMan's NumberSoul form.
MegaMan's NumberSoul form.

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