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    Also called Grandfather Nurgle, as he seems to have a keen interest in his infected victims, Nurgle is the chaos god of disease and decay. He takes delight in creating new plagues and orchestrating them upon the struggling realm of Warhammer.

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    Great Corrupter, Master of Pestilence, and Lord of Decay, Nurgle embodies the disease and morbidity of physical corruption. He feeds upon the despair and hopelessness of those that fall victim to his plagues and corruption. All things are vulnerable to physical corruption and it is from this corruption that Nurgle draws his power. His followers spread his contagions for him and are often made up from those seeking an escape from his afflictions.

    Nurgle is embodiment of the fear mortals carry of inevitable death and disease. The greater daemon of Nurgle, The Great Unclean One, is a huge bloated creature vaguely reminiscent of a toad. Unlike the other greater daemons the Great Unclean One is a physical representation of Nurgle himself; bloated with corruption and wrapped in a foul leathery, necrotic skin.


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