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    Nyu Media, Ltd.

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    A publisher that specializes in localizing Japanese doujin games for the western market.

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    Previous Localizations

    Nyu Media is a publisher known for localizing well produced Japanese Indie games. The company's complete list of localizations consists of the combo heavy platformer, Fairy Bloom Freesia, Cherry Tree High Comedy Club, Ether Vapor Remaster, eXceed - Gun Bullet Children, eXceed 2nd Vampire REX, eXceed 3rd - Jade Penetrate, Eryi's Action, and the arcade-style bullet hell shooter Satazius.

    Coming Soon...

    • Croixleur is a Polygonal hack and slash action game with RPG elements not unlike a previously localized Indie game Chantelise but with far better graphics. The game will be available to the western market in January 2013 for PC. The game is being developed by a skunk works team within Edelweiss, a popular japanese indie developer, called souvenir circ. There is a gameplay video available at this link location.
    • Kamui is a space action game that is set to launch sometime in 2013. A game being developed by Siter Skain and is the first installment in the Tale of ALLTYNEX series.
    • ALLTYNEX Second which is another space action game that is set to launch in 2013. The sequel to Kamui and is developed by Siter Skain and is set to release along site Kamui and RefleX.
    • RefleX is the conclusion to the Tale of ALLTYNEX series and is set to relase alongside Kamui and ALLTYNEX sometime in 2013. Also, as you may have imagined, this game is being developed by Siter Skain.
    • Eryi's Action is in process right now in Steam Greenlight but is available for download by other means.

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