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    A same-screen vehicular combat party game that supports up to 16 local players, inspired by Mashed and Micro Machines.

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    Obliteracers is a same-screen vehicular combat party game developed by Varkian Empire and co-published by DECK13 Interactive GmbH. It is inspired by retro classics such as Micro Machines, Mashed, and Circuit Breakers. With emphasis on multiplayer, the game supports up to 16 local players by allowing smartphones, tablets and laptops to be used as extra controllers.


    Up to 16 racers - controlled by humans or bots - navigate race tracks on alien worlds, avoiding environmental hazards and collecting absurd weapon pickups. Unlike traditional racing games, there are no laps, timers or split screen. Instead, the game operates on a left-behind principle: the camera tries to keep all competitors in a single view, but anyone who lags behind is eliminated.

    The physics-based vehicles can drift around corners, jump over obstacles, stomp on other vehicles to destroy them, slipstream behind other vehicles to catch up, and drive backwards to utilize weapon pickups in the opposite direction.

    There are several game modes and many gameplay modifiers to change the rules of play.

    Career Mode

    In single player career mode, the player must complete races around the universe to earn bombs. Bombs unlock more races, and challenge the player to different game modes and modifier combinations.

    Versus Mode

    In multiplayer versus mode, players create custom matches, specifying the race track, game mode and length, desired modifiers, and number of bots. Versus may be played locally (offline) or online (private or public). Leaderboards are tracked for all online public games.


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